I need help making Hero Factory Stopmotion

So I really really want to make a Hero factory stop motion movie type thing bbbbbuuuutttt there's a problem. Although I do have the story and all the parts I need to build the mocs for it I...
don't have the stop motion skills:(

I've thought of maybe trying to do a collaboration where I write and some one else animates but that sound kind of awkward and maybe even harder than doing it myself so I find myself in a real pickle.
I don't know what to do... dose anyone else have any advice?

Well, for hardore stopmotion, I haven't a clue what program to use.
However, for the stopmotion I did in this vid I just used Vegas pro and put all the images together there.

Thanks for the advice but the problem is more with taking good pictures getting figures to stand better stuff like that and sadly I think the only way to remedy those issues is long and hard practice which I'm ok with doing but feel by the time I'm ready to do good stop motion well Hero factory won't be relevant anymore...

There're plenty of tutorials on youtube that I'm sure could help you smiley

Yeah I'm probably going to start watching a bunch of tutorials and making practice stop motions and hopefully things will work out.

After Effects is great for adding special effects to a stop motion, and Dragonframe is an excellent stop motion program for both Mac and PC.

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I have quite a few tips on this stuff for when I have the time.

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I've used MonkeyJam for my stop motions before. It's a pretty good program.


I have to decided to try to at least make a trailer for Chroniclers convergence and see how it goes. If it sucks it sucks if it's good it's good. So hopefully later this month I'll be done animating it (maybe even sooner) and will try to find voice actors on this message board!

I'm going to be making a page for the "movie" where I will post updates
on it and plot details and will also be hosting any voice auditions I
need to do.

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