I need help picking a starter

I recently installed a randomizer for Pokemon leaf green. My opinions for starters are Pichu, machop , or geodude. no matter how many times I restart it there is only those three Pokemon. Keep in mind that I’m doing a nuzlock and I will just cheat in the final forms of Geo dude and machop ( they require trading to evolve).

  • Machop
  • Pichu
  • Geodude

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** Edit ** I’ve officially picked Pichu as my stater! Thanks for your help everyone


Go for the Pikachu’s little bro, Pichu.


It will be hard to level him up do to him being a baby though

I know like nothing about pokemon but geodude sounds cool so

considering that machop and geodude reach their fully-evolved form via trade imma have to tell you to go with pichu on this one

I would cheat there final forms in once they reached a certain level