I need help with MOC name

MI need help to name a toa team that I am making. The team is located on spheres magna. I will say the name of who’s team name I chose when I post the mocs



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You kinda need more of a backstory to make a team name. Anything else you can give us?


do you have any more info on them like say; a theme or anything besides “a toa team.”?

dont make them similar. they should stand out from each other when in a row, although a uniting feature helps them look like a team.


Well their leader is a female toa of ice, they work for the order of mata Nui, and they are assigned to destroy the remaining dark hunters

Hmm… Maybe the Toa Daxia? Daxia is the Order of Mata Nui’s headquarters.

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Mabye… I’ll have to see other ones and then chose

Thought they were all male…

Guess you can give her a name to represent that.

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I need more names to chose from.

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The Toa Mata-wait a minute
The Toa Nui-Oh come on
The Toa Tira. Tira is short for tiramākā, the Maori word for spirit. Mata Nui is the Great Spirit. See where I’m going?


Yes I do

Toa Ixra for the leader?

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Names for the toa team.

But good name.

Might choose it

Well, I submit that for the toa team name.

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Any name that doesn’t end with a.



That’s the same word with a n

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I think that’s the point…

Maybe the Toa Kador?


Good one… mabye