I need help!

Hey everybody! I am going to do a series on my channel about a group of Matoran, but I just can't seem to find any good names for the Matoran I created, and I also can't come up with any name for the series.

So I'm asking you guys to help!
Here's what you can do help:
You could:

1.Post a name, which you think is good, and please also post which element it is.
2.Give inspiration from where I can get names. (Google translate for example, but which language?)
3.Post a name you think is good for the series, please also post why!
4.Help with ideas for each episode, I've got the script ready (mainly), but you can help me think about the details and the things I could improve to the next episode!


PS: My channel is called: NeckBreaking Adventures.

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Grats on getting Master! smile

I'd suggest modifying some words from Maori, where a lot of the original Bionicle names came from.


Thanks! I've already fired up google translate, let's go get some names!

I find random name generators useful, turn on exotic names and then just keep clicking till one jumps out at you.

Hotoke is a good one for an ice matoran

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