I Need Torso Suggestions!

So this is a moc that i have spent some time on but i hit a roadblock with the torso. so please leave tips on how to torso or if you leave pics of instructions that would be amazing. So without further ado i present the moc (torso and mask are temporary).

obligatory back shot. here he is with his sword. random victory pose.
please leave suggestions and comments.


I can’t think of any good techniques at the moment, but I think you should check out the “How To” Topic for some helpful tricks. :wink:

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I have but there aren’t many torsos in it.

I’m not very good with the old system, so I don’t have any advise. however, it seems a little short. Was that what you were going for?

Torso is temporary and I am hop the final torso will be taller and not hunch

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My self-moc’s torso is all centered around a custom gearbox.

Hmm, could you post a link to it.

his torso seems squat

Once I 'm back from vacation I’ll post a few pictures showing how the torso is built.

Ok thanks
And @JMP the torso is temporary

i dare you

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Well you see

I did recently torso quite well.

But I’m not sure if it would work well for this.

It’s Halo Spartan stuff basically.

Step 1: Make it taller

Aside from that. Sometimes when I can’t think of what to do for a torso, I look to existing designs and modify them a bit. Take the '04 and '05 titan torsos, for example. Another thing, which I do more often, is start by knowing what pieces I want to use as armor on the torso and build the rest of the torso around those pieces.


If you really want a super complex body build then I suggest this video. He spends the first half of the video showing you how to build the torso. He uses moded pieces to build his torso, but it can be done without moding pieces, I have done it and it looks exactly the same. The youtuber doesn’t really do a good job of explaining how each part is built so you’ll have to pause a lot. Good Luck

Video —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw3r-noO4LQ


Ok I’ll check out the vid.
@Hawkflight that is actually really good advice thanks

You could use a modified version of my torso build?
You’d just have to extend out the shoulders.

CCBS TORSO!!! No? Alright…

Sorry don’t like to use ccbs with old style

Good news!
I got the bottom half of my torso figured out if peeps want pics the i will post pics.
Edit: well I just finished the top half and it is probably the best torso I have ever built

Yeah, heres one suggestion, A bigger body.