I.Nsekt 3.4.7

just threw this together! its for a display im working on.


Well that’s awesome. I have idea what the heck it is but… whatever it is… it’s awesome.


thank you! its really just a big insectoid mech.

I wouldn’t call this insect like unless it’s based on an insectoid of that design

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Insectoids was mostly before my time, but my goodness it does seem like it’d fit. Looks really good!

The pirate flags seem a little off though.

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no no i didn’t mean the insectoid theme! i just meant it was bug like! he is a little bit like a mosquito. :slight_smile: a-lot of the details like the flags, nobody will understand as it has a bit of a story behind it.

Firstly- it looks nothing like a mosquito. It looks more like a dinosaur-hummingbird hybrid. However, as a marauding pirate mech on a desolate desert world, it’s excellent! I wish I could “throw parts together” that well.

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I like insetcs… and I like big robots… BUT I do not want to cross this things way xD

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This is absolutely fantastic. A true piece of art.

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thank you all for the kind words :slight_smile: …but drop the bug thing!:laughing: it wasn’t designed off of any kind of insect. that was just my choice of words to describe it…a poor voice of words apparently. it IS meant to be entirely its own thing however the “marauding pirate mech on a desolate desert world” its a very good description. :slight_smile: