iBunny's WIP Sketch Dump

As the title suggests, this is another sketch dump topic.
Here however I will be posting my recent random sketches and unfinished works, (related to Bionicle, of course) and update this topic with new pictures as frequently as I actually make progress on any of them.
In the future I might make another topic (or a few) for finished products, but I'll have to actually finish something first.

Anyway, Here's the first thingy:

An unfinished sketch of my self-MOC, Carnox.
I started this around the same time I started building his newest iteration, and changed it as I went - and haven't touched it since.

I'm not really too happy with how it's started to turn out, which is why I stopped working on it. So if you've got any ideas on what I could do to improve it, let me hear it!

Here's another thing related to Carnox, his mask.
This is the "Kanohi Kritann", The mask of Insect Control.
Eventually I'm going to try my hand at modelling this and getting it 3d printed, but if I can't quite get that done, or just get lazy, I'm sure I'll be able to commission somebody for that part. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the last thing even worth sharing for now...

It's my take on what Dume would look like as a Toa.
-Or at least, the start of with very poor colouring that I'll fix up with Photoshop whenever I get around to taking these sketches a little more seriously.

End of photos for now

Thoughts, comments and suggestions and stuff is appreciated, although if you ask me to draw something I probably won't. So if you still go ahead and ask anyway, and I decline, please don't get offended.

Thanks for checking this out.


you're pretty good

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thank you

Ever tried drawing in a tablet? It could help make the designs cleaner
Even though they're great as is

Nice. I like your interpretation of Dume as a Toa.

My favorite sketch has got to be Toa Dume. His pose, his staff, he just looks fantastic. I look forward to seeing what else you share in the future.

I like how Toa Dume looks like the Mirimax designs!

Great job!

You're amazing at drawing!

I don't actually own a tablet device or graphics pad or anything - saving up for one.
So I'll have to have a crack at it when I get one.
@Stoax, @Triple, @PakariNation99, @Oniwah
Thanks! I'm probably going to focus on getting him finished first.

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Little bit of progress, just scanned it and I'm about to get to work making it actually look half-decent. :stuck_out_tongue: