Icarax and Pridak relationship

So it was established that Pridak was the aid to Makuta Icarax long ago, I was curious everyone’s opinion on something that came to my mind, do you think that Pridak gets alot of his “winning” personality traits from being around Icarax too long? They both have similar ways of handling situations and also both are very aggressive and warlike in mentality, what do you think?


Seems to me more that “like attracts like.”

Pridak was the leader of the League of Six Kingdoms. You don’t get that position of power without being ruthless and warlike.

I think it seems more likely that Pridak and Icarax just had similar personalities, temperaments, and ambitions, and that’s what led them to working together as opposed to Pridak absorbing Icarax’s traits.


That might actually be the case, it was more a thought I had before, as I’m not sure if other beings in the past looked up to the Makuta in any capacity as mentors or leaders.

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