Ice Day

So with no classes today due to ice I decided to take some pictures with my ice Bionicle

Kopaka is disturbed by the lack of ice

He did slip sorry I had to

run away

frozen in ice

"Ice Skating"

attempting to make an ice angle


This is great!

...Kurahk's in ice, how long did it take to freeze him

actually there was a "soft" top layer of ice I just removed his legs and stuck him through the ice
maybe i'll try tomorrow and see how long it takes if its cold enough

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I wish I got snow...

Anyway, really great! I like that frozen Kurahk. smile

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great pics!
Also I just so happen to have had no school today and yesterday what a coincidence stuck_out_tongue


YES!! your point XD

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UPDATE! Ok so today we got some actual snow XD so i decided to take some more pictures. So without further ado

Kopaka is happy about the snow.

He hits the big slopes today.

Ehrye got to make his snow angle.

Hide and the snow.

Nuju doesn't seem to happy about one of the props


Dog: "Soon...."


At first i thought that was an owl.

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Ehrye and his sexy blue nipples.