ice spirits

Hello everyone, it is my first post here. I’ve made MOC,out of some bootleg pieces I have.He don’t have any real background, but his element is ice and his genger is male. Any criticizm and comments are apperciated. Here is a link to my instagram: The bow actually fires due to rubber band.


The only jarring thing about him is his red eyes that stick out. But besides that, this is really neat.

Those feet are neat, and that bow design is killer. Though the arrow heads seem a bit comically oversized.

Agreed with Cantri, the build is pretty much begging for some ice blue eyes. Beside that, you should flip the Inika shoulder pads on his thighs - it’s preferable to attach them to cover hips from the sides on builds of this size; although if you have the parts to replace the whole leg structure with CCBS legs that look like his arms, that would be optimal. Also, do you have the gold version of that chestplate? It would match his weapon.

Clever foot design you got there. Cool bow, too.

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Quite a simple design. I feel like the color scheme is just a bit off. The dark blue translucent ccbs shells don’t add anything in my opinion. A more concise array of colors would help a lot in my opinion. I guess he just seems underdeveloped to me. Good bow design and choice of element.

I like the red eyes!! cool design :slight_smile:

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cool love the feet