Ice Tribe Defense Cart (Technic-based MoC)

Spent some time today to build a vehicle for my Okoto Ice Villager, Vurnei. I'm satisfied with the greebles. stuck_out_tongue

Also, Vurnei is a my standard villager build. But he looks nice!

Thanks for taking a look! smile

PS: Bonus short vid of me testing the durability of the set is on my Twitter (@WillBrownman) smiley


Looks set worthy. I like it!


This is pretty great. Nice work, my friend.

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Vehicle looks awesome!

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I congratulate you on making such a good vehicle MOC. Something I would never do.

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I love all these elemental vehicles that are coming out.


This looks great, good job!

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I really like the way this looks. Good job! smile

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Nice! solid build, and consistent colours!

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dear Mata Nui how many tubes do you have


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looks awsome ^^

Time to race stuck_out_tongue


Great vehicle! It looks like it would slice through the ice while traveling.

The villager is nice, but I think you should add a little white to his arms.

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@The_Exurian I might when the SW constractions come out. I want the four-long white shells to cover the shoulders.
@Ekorak I used up most of my Technic tubes for this thing. Still have a lot of Mahri tubes left. stuck_out_tongue

My cart goes sanic fast.



Plus this:

Equals what you made. Purely awesomeness. thumbsup


Looks good, however seems more like a leisure vehicle than a machine of war. The way he lays back on it, eh, I just wouldn't want to be laying like that in battle =P


I direct you to the Glatorian vehicles. Your argument is invalid.

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Me neither. The pilot is totally exposed, leaving him vulnerable to those speedy silver skull spiders.

Awesome vehicle! 1 awesome croc for you! crocodile