Idea for the year 3 [Wordbuilding][Pitch]

I really hope I tag it right.
OK, so here is my idea for the third year in Brickonicle. Basically it is all about the Vahki attack.
So, on the island there is a evil servitor of Makuta, named Kulta. Kulta was created by Makuta after the Rahkshi lost the battle with the Toa in year 1. In year 2, Kulta kidnapped the best engineer from the island and force them to create the Vahki, a army of humanoid battle units that are even more powerful than a Muaka.
After the civil war, when the tribes were weak, he unleashed his army of Vahki in each region, conquering them.
Here are the Vahki types:

  1. Ta-Vahli: Vahki of fire, able to walk in lava without taking damage.
    2)Ga-Vahki: Vaki of water, being able to rezist at any water attack.
  2. Le-Vahki: Vahki of wind, being able to fly.
    4)Ko-Vahki: Vahki of ice, being able to survive at low temperatures.
    5)Po-Vahki: Vahki of sand, being able to… do something.
    6)Onu-Vahki: Vahki of Earth, being able to do… another thing

Every Vahki type have their own commander, who became the king of a region:

C&C are welcome!


Maybe. That could actually work, with the inventor Kulta captures being Nuparu…paging @Bokarda. You might like this.

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I think he would like it too. Most of the brickonicle topics that I read are his topics.


The only problem I see with it is that it might take away from the over-arching theme of Year 3, being that it is the Year that Makuta finally regains all of his enormous power, and slapping the Toa around mercilessly. I could see them being the Vast Lego Army® we always see running around.

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@Toa_Vladin @JediTimeLord824: added to the list.

I have a suggestion for the Vahki, though. What if they possessed the ability to adapt to their immediate environment? This would remove the need to give them all different names, allowing the Rahkshi to make a return (assuming they were not killed). For all Vahki, their adaptations could be as follows:

Fire: immunity to/storage of excessive heat
Water: waterproof/waterbreathing, immunity to deep-sea pressures
Air: flight
Ice: heightened core temperature
Sand/Stone: enhanced strength/durability
Earth: camouflage


Why is them having different names a problem? I think it’d be more interesting if they came in different variants.

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@fangface1: I don’t think it’s too necessary for them to have different names. However, since Brickonicle would be as a system set, they could still come in the different colors for each region. They would just be called “Vahki” with their respective region acting as an adjective (Ex: Desert Vahki, Forest Vahki, etc.)

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