Identifying some stuff

Hello there. I’ll be selling off some of my Transformers collection soon, but while I was sorting through I found these things. I’m thinking they might be Power Rangers, but I honestly have no idea. I know some of you are far more well-versed in this field than I am, so I thought I’d ask here and see if any of you can identify them.

First off, there’s this blue animal head that turns into a left arm:

There’s also this red thing with a tiny wheel inside it:

Some sort of silver harness covered in ball joints and peg things:

And finally these two rubber swords which combine into a big sword:

Anyone got any ideas?


I have one of those swords. No idea how I got it or what it’s from, though.


may i see the point where the arm connects to the body

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Well done Google Lens, you’ve finally made me proud of you

“Power Rangers Q Rex Megazord Action Figure”

Do any of the others have any writing on them? Company names, years, etc…


Nope. They’re all blank. Otherwise this would be a lot easier.

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Maybe these are just weird galidor pieces.

Uh… They are not Galidor pieces.

Together, the blades seem very Power Rangers-y, and so does the red component. I have no possible clue where the balljoint harness may originate from, as it doesn’t seem to fit with the design philosophy behind a lot of Power Rangers toys.