If TTV were canon.......A series by DarkNinjaOfStealth

If TTV were canon…

One day Eljay sat, looking out the window. It was raining. Eljay took a sip of RedStarbucks coffee, as he listened to all his chickens crying out loud, showing great distaste to the rain. Their oppressive master wouldn’t let them in. They had made TOO many shipping joke (as if that’s a thing) said Hero Factory was better TOO many times. and had said his was the worst member of TTV TOO much. So Eljay punished them, with exposure to cold rain, and no mercy. With an evil gleam in his he turned around, to look at his shelves. He almost smiled, for smiling was rare, seemingly unessisary for the Mangosteen Master. Ah, yes, his Bonkles-I mean bionicles. He had almost every one. He was a huge collecter. The prize of his many sniping battles on eBay, the reward for going to target, his loot from walmart, ect. the list goes on how he got all that. He had a HUGE collection. He was, as he had said himself “a diehard fan”. The TTV member then turned back to his computer. “Well, might as well check BZPower for news” he said. He clicked on his computer bookmark for BZPower. As he scrolled down, he saw a very, very, strange news article. the head line read “Many BZPower Staff offended at TTV as canon in Bionicle 2015” Huh? Eljay thought. The picture next to the head line, showed what looked like the 2015 Lewa set, but without the blur. but more lime, and with a golden miru. Eljay realized, it was him. Lewa Master Jungle, WAS really the code for had the initials LJ, confirming that yes, HE WAS CANON. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2


So guys, how do you like the sound of the first part. I hope it hooks you in, because theres more madness coming…


Oh god xD

More!!! XD

Funniest part. xD

As a supporter of shipping in the TTV fan community, I had to note that theres no such thing as too many shipping jokes

This looks like it’ll be fun.

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he is banned… so this happening is doubtfull


Yo, @Haslett_Hyaenidae, you considering finishing what you started?