If you could add one character from anything to Super Smash Bros. who would it be?

Final smash: Takanuva he puts on the Avohkii and he just destroys every one by activating a cut-seen in which he does the attack that he uses to defeat Teridax.
Final Smash: Takutanuva nuff said.

there are three different bionicle games released for gameboyadvance exclusively: maze of shadows, tales of the tohunga and ,matoran adventures not to mention as uncanon as it is bionicle heroes was released for wii....and bionicle 2015 as well coming...


All of the toa nuva

The Batmans

Ridley and Krystal are my top choices, since Robin and Mega Man were already confirmed.

But more than any new character I want to see Marth be fast in the final version, because he was painfully slow in the demo.

I thought Marth was a girl until a friend of mine wiki'd him.... that was yesterday.

Nah, Marth's not a girl. A flaming homosexual perhaps, but not a girl stuck_out_tongue

But being serious here, Marth is an awesome character, with Fire Emblem's signature character development. Marth became my favorite to play under tournament-styled conditions in Melee and Brawl, and he introduced me to Fire Emblem, which has become one of my all-time favorite game series. Then Sakurai went and just pooped all over what made Marth awesome in the previous Smash games with SSB4, and it makes Marth players sad frowning

But didn't his really manly masculine voice tell you he was a dude?

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Greg Farshtey.

Ohwait Mii Fighter.

That's going on my list now.

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Nope, I only play him in smash bros, I never got into fire emblem.



Did you give it a chance at least? If you tried it and it wasn't your thing, I can respect that, but if you haven't tried it, go out and buy Awakening right now!

Yeah, I've played it a little bit, it's not too bad but was not to into it. Although I might try it again, now that you mention it.

Okay. Awakening was pretty different from the other ones in the series. It had a demo, but the demo did little justice for the actual game.

Some more pokemon that aren't charizard.. Some toa would make my life. Optimus prime (final smash: dieing and being revived) or other transformer. Tom nook(instead of him being part of the final smash). Spyro, he'd fit pretty well. And finally... The return of mewtwo

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Tuma or the Collosal Titan.

Keep in mind, and answer is correct, so long as it's Ridley.

I wonder if it would be possible to manipulate Mii Fighters enough to get some Toa masks?

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Ok here we go,
Xenomorphs (Because that needs to happen)
Master Chief
the turtle god Shiroth
and finally, OMEGA TAHU

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Let me think...
Ruby Rose,
Weiss Schnee,
Blake Belladonna,
Yang Xiao Long,
Jaune Arc,
Nora Valkyrie
Phyrra Nikos,
Lie Ren,
The Toa Mata,
The Toa Mahri,
Mata Nui,
Master Chief,
Iron Man,
The Incredible Hulk,
Luke Cage,
The Green Arrow,
and the Great Spirit Robot.
Oh, and the Prototype Robot. (To balance out the Great Spirit Robot's Over-Poweredness.)

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"The one representative of the BIONICLE franchise...