If you could add one character from anything to Super Smash Bros. who would it be?

Groose... he's the hero SSB deserves, and needs.


I agree with groose

I wish Ghirahim was in smash bros. He has so many possible attacks and moves I can't believe they didn't put him in! Oh, wait they did. As an assist trophy. >:(

Midna would've been so much better. And she's an assist trophy.

I have come with my list!

-Gold good guy
-Flying spaghetti monster
-Megaman Zero
-Kid Godzilla(Godzilla vs Destroyah)
-Mini Destroyah
-Rei Ayaname
-Rocka XL
-Shadow the Hedgehog
-Erm.... Nintendog?
-Powerpuff girls
-Samurai Jack
-Dexter(Dexter's laboratory)
-Grim(Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy)
-Numbah One(Code name Kids next door)
-Wing Gundam
-Mardi Gras
-Optimus Prime

and I ran out of anything for my bucket list atm...

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How.. How... How does Mardi Gras work?

Obviously he means the shiny Electrike I caught for CPP

Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles.

No, his tagline should be "water is for wimps"

But if G1 bionicle were to ever be in a Smash game, the most likely contenders would be Tahu, Takanuva, or Teridax. For G2 it would probably be Omega Tahu, Ekimu, or some character who comes about before the next Smash game

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That Tahu versus Greninja tho

I still am not quite sure how his Hau would be implemented. maybe similar to Ness or Fox's down-b?

Could be, but I was considering his final smash to be a "Golden Hau" that expands across the stage and pushes people off, similar to Jigglypuff's final smash.

He would probably have to use the "Flame Spin" and "Lava Dash" as his primary moves, as well as some sort of move using his lavaboard. And of course striking his '01 pose as a taunt.

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Tahu's Moveset for my Smash Clone:

Neutral A: A downward swing and then a jab.
Forward Tilt: Flaming Jab
Down Tilt: Downward flaming sword arc.
Up Tilt: Upward flaming jab.

NAir: A weak 360 around him with his sword.
FAir: Downward arc with his sword.
Bair: Upward sword flourish while turning.
Uair: Upward jab with his sword.
Dair: Sword arc below him.

Fsmash: Powerful forward jab with his sword, while flaming.
Dsmash: Spin attack with a flaming sword (similar to Shulk's dsmash).
Usmash: Flaming swing of the sword facing upward.

Nspecial: Fireball- A ball of fire. Can be charged for more damage.
Fspecial: Fire-stream- from his sword, like the one used against Makuta in MNOG, but with less range.
Dspecial: The Great Mask of Shielding- While active, any damage done to him will be negated, and the attacker will be damaged for half the damage they did. Cannot attack while active. Other players cannot be KO'd by the damage done to themselves.
Fspecial/Recovery: A stream of fire is down at his feet and he is sent flying into the air.

Final Smash: Golden Armor- Tahu dons the golden armor and does greatly increased damage for a short time.

You guys were debating it so I figured I'd show what I'm making it.

Can I suggest a full, customizable moveset?

Standard Special: Fireball, like you put it.
StS2: Reflector fireball: a Fireball that ricochets once off of a surface.
StS3: Fire blast. Similar to your Side Special.

Side Special: Lava Dash. Tahu rushes an enemy with a fire attack, similar to Captain Falcon's Raptor Boost.
SiS2: Ignalu Rush: Tahu pulls out his lavaboard to attack an enemy. Slower to act but more powerful.
SiS3: Hau Dash. Tahu uses his Hau while moving for an attack that doesn't do as much damage but has more launching and/or meteor attack power.

Up Special: Flame Spin. Tahu uses his smaller golden blades and spins through the air with fire.
US2: Rocketfire Jump. Tahu creates a burst of fire which launches him upward.
US3: Mistika Flight. Something related to his Mistika form, I don't know.

Down Special: Hau Shield: Deflects/absorbs melee and ranged attacks.
DS2: Reflector Hau. Doesn't absorb melee attacks, but provides more deflection of ranged attacks.
DS3: Pulse Hau. Attack only deflects in melee. Can be "pulsed" to launch enemies away.

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I'm basing him solely off his mata form, and I don't think my game is going to have customizable movesets. As well, quite a few of those moves are copies of other characters moves.

All in all, not bad, but I prefer the ones I've already decided.

Meh, more ideas for Lhikan, I guess.

Maybe something similar to how Yoshi's shield is him hiding in an egg. Just an aesthetic trait, no real fighting significance.

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Vezon's Final Smash is Fennerak

Can't be, because Vezon is already fused to Fenrakk, can't separate. Final smash would be Kardas.


Revolver Ocelot or Gray Fox from Metal Gear.