If you could cancel a LEGO theme, what would that be?

Didn’t Bionicle get cancelled for selling well though? :stuck_out_tongue:


That is exactly how I feel about licensed themes. The original LEGO themes are the “chicken” and when LEGO does more licensed themes, is like them saying they will no longer serve chicken, the original LEGO themes. That is how I feel.

They are no longer serving chicken, now they are serving pork!:laughing:


I don’t really think I would cancel a Lego theme…
Like Reese said, [quote=“ReeseEH, post:83, topic:46770”]
To be honest I don’t think I would want to cancel any Lego theme at the moment; I mean, sure, there are plenty of themes I don’t personally buy, but others enjoy them, and new themes = new parts and colors to MOC with.

This puts my exact thoughts into words. Even stuff like City and Ninjago are nice, because they introduce fun new molds and pieces, with new colors to mess around with.


I feel like you’re biased by the fact that a dude you don’t like likes liscensed themes… they’re honestly legos main (not only, but main) seller right now


It’s just that In general I don’t like licensed themes, not that a dude that I don’t like likes them.

Oh ok

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Basically all the licensed themes.

Basically original themes.

And things like knight’s kingdom wasn’t?

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It only lasted for two years, when City repeats the exact same sets for more then a Decade.

Wait, are you talking about knight’s kingdom lasting 2 years?

Also city doesn’t really repeat, it just adds on or updates its sets, such as the police station. However if you look at each new iteration of that example, it increases the piece count and uses new functions or innovative designs.

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Didn’t Knight’s Kingdom do the same?

Also IMO it was a great theme. I may buy some sets on second hand.

It does revisit the same set ideas over and over (because castles usually sell) but I don’t really see an issue with that.

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This isn’t aimed at any particular Lego line, but Lego really needs to make far less licensed themes and make more of the original themes they were known for. I really feel like they neglect themes they were famous for like Castle, Space and Trains due to their obsession with licensed themes. They also need a new style to their games too. For the last 13+years we got the same Lego Star Wars clone games and I’m tired of it. I’d like them to experiment with new gameplay styles


LEGO Worlds was based 100% on original themes, and was totally different from the other LEGO Video Games, so that was a huge step up in my opinion.

Also, I 100% agree with you. LEGO is starting to get too obsessed with licensed themes, and don’t even care about their original themes that saved them from bankruptcy anymore. And to be honest, I don’t care about any of their licenced themes. And LEGO is so full of licensed themes nowdays that now I only buy old LEGO from online, and don’t really care about any of the new sets they realise. Not to talk how overpriced they are…

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I get their License themes make money but so did their original IP’s. It’s what made Lego who they are. I get the need for licensed themes like Star Wars ot Harry Potter but do we really need films and cartoons like Angry Birds or Scooby Doo in Lego form?

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That is exactly what I was thinking. Licenced themes like Star Wars are needed (even though It’s too repetitive in my opinion. How many more Millenium Falcons do we really need? While I am a fan of the SW movies, I kinda dislike the LEGO theme.) But lines like Angry Birds or Ben 10 are absolute trash, just LEGO playing safe instead of makeing their own themes.

Where is Racers? Where is Castle? Where is Space? all those themes that made LEGO what it is today are only remembered by true LEGO fans. Every other LEGO “fan” has forgot has forgot about them.[quote=“DaimosZ, post:101, topic:46770”]

I have LEGO Worlds on my PS4, and I have to say, it’s probably one of the best LEGO Games. In fact the LEGO Games based on original themes are superior in my opinion then the Licenced ones (although I still enjoy them). and let’s be honest: Who has ever asked for LEGO The Incredibles to be a LEGO Game? I was shocked when I heard it was going to be a thing.

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While I understand your position on liscensed themes, and agree with you on some points, I begin to step back when you decide who is and who is not a “true fan” of Lego, if there is such a thing. I feel that term is more accurately a slider that marks degrees of fandom, as opposed to a hard-line yes or no, and, moreover, that an individual may place only themselves on that slider, as a perception of another’s interest or love for something may not be an accurate assessment.


I say a “true” LEGO fan when I refer to someone who has been a fan of LEGO for a long time, and knows at least a little bit of the history of LEGO. This is what I meant.

I would honestly not be upset if they brought it back. It was an awesome part of my childhood.


Nexo Knights kind of brought that back, we’ll see what LEGO does next.

But… LEGO had their own themes… Ben 10 was the same year as Bionicle/HeroFactory…

That’s subjective.

I love LEGO Worlds, but I kind of also wish for more diversity than just minifigure packs and City. Ninjago and Nexo Knights and that one Mixel helped, but… Bionicle!


That right there cracked me up.

I agree, though. I tried Worlds out once and it was okay, but the lack of some of the cooler themes dampens the fun.