If you could own any set of toys from any toyline, what would it be?

If you could own any set of toys from any toyline, what would it be?
By "set" I mean a "subgroup" from a toyline. An example of this would be "owning all of the Transformers Generation 1 Minibots." Another, less broad example would be the Toa Nuva from Bionicle.

My answer would probably be the Main (excluding Monstructor) Transformers Generation 1 Combiners (Devastator, Predaking, Superion, etc).


All the Toa Metru. I already have three Nuva, and I have all the Mata, so in order to get the most worth out of it, it would be the Metru.

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-All Bionicle G1
-Most Figma Figures
-Most SH Figuarts figures
-D-Arts Megaman
-All of Herofactory
-All of Bionicle G2
-Transformers Generations
-Transformers Prime RID

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Every single bionicle set ever and all Star Wars and power miners

I would own any LEGO Set that features a Cowboy. It might sound extremely Broad, but trust me (In the BIG Picture) It's not.

Any Masterpiece or third party Masterpiece-alike.

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Try to pick a subset from one of those. Those are entire toylines, not a set of toys from toylines.

All Smash Amiibo.
That would never happen.

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The Godzilla MonsterArts (w/ King Kong and Gamera too!)
The TMNT Classics Line
The MOTU Classics Line
Any G.I.Joe Toy Line
The Transformers Masterpiece Line
The Star Wars 6" Black Series Line


Plus the latest series of Mcfarlane Halo figures
there isn't any store here that has them ;n;

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To be honest, I'd just say the skull villains from this year. My channel is in sore need of an update, and I'm out of cash stuck_out_tongue

Every single Bakugan that was ever made. Is this considered cheating the question?

Try to look for a subgroup like "special attack" or "Mechtogan"

Alright then: Every single Mechtanium surge series Bakugan. Is that acceptable?

Sure. Bakugan was a really cool series, shame it ended in the US.

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All of the BONKLEZ!

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Bionicle 2008 winter and summer lines that year had some really awesome sets I already got Ignika with he skyboard