If you could play any pre-existing character in a remake/movie adaption who would it be?

I thought this would be fun to discus.

Bionicle: Kopaka or Lewa
HF: Stormer. Tho id probably make a better Stringer

Spidey, Ebony Maw (because inside joke), or Star Lord. I think I could probably fit any of those fairly well

Batman, but I’d probably make a better joker or robin

Star Wars:
Han Solo

Albert Garrick from W.A.R.P.
Abraham Lincoln (I couldn’t beat Daniel Day Lewis though)
Ethan Blackwood from The Resisters

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I would enjoy playing Long John Silver in Treasure Island, so long as the movie remained faithful to the book.

Haven’t read that yet. Sounds like a great character.

If I were to play a character from classical literature I’d like to play like Captain Hook or something. Idk, some classic villain

Gollum, Ehlek, Spider-Man. Oh, and maybe Corroder.

Oh yeah, corroder would be fun. Von Nebula too

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At some point in my life I decided that I could play a good Spiderman (though I may be too old for it at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:). Lewa or Vezon would be fun for Bionicle, or maybe some background character in a Star Wars movie (because it’s a Star Wars movie.)

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YES! I’d love being a meaningless background character!

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Bionicle: Jaller or Hydraxon

Movies in General: Angel Eyes(The Good the Bad and the Ugly), Max(Mad Max: Fury Road), Dave Bowman(2001: A Space Odyssey)

Off the top of my head.
Link, although I’d have to dye my hair or wear a wig.
Master Chief, I’ve got the hight requirement down.
The Rookie from ODST.
Gerard Warren from the Agent Warren series.
And I’ll probably figue out more later.

the red ranger from megaforce comes to mind. Then again it’d probably take more effort to make that character worse then it would to improve him.
Luckily he’s easy to act like when I cosplay his sentai counterpart next month.

I would love to play Foaly if there was an Artemis Fowl adaptation. I can relate to his paranoia and I love how he goes back and forth with Commander Root. I could imagine myself doing that.

Any background character of any TV show. Sign me up and push me off a roof


Batman. I’d also take Spider-man or almost any superhero lol.

Yes lol

Aragorn for sure, although Vilgefortz or Dandelion from the Witcher could be fun as well

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That guy who dies at the beginning of every movie ever


I’d want to play Taskmaster from Marvel and General Grievious from Star Wars.
Also Doctor Who and Sherlock.