If you had the Infinity Gauntlet

Huh, I am actually a little surprised this didn’t existed.
So let’s say that you traveled across the entire universe for the Space Stone, you fought an army of zombie for the Soul Stone, you played a game of chess with a fusion of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla for the Mind Stone, and you did it! You survive! You now have all the six Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet. You are now the most powerful being that ever lived.
Now what?

What would you do?

Personally, I would grow bigger than the entire Sun, I would turn on every single volcano on Earth, and then I will smash it in a supreme Hulk-smash move and then I would use the Time Stone to make everything normal again.
Then I would use the Reality Stone/ Juice to completely redraw the borders of the world. Small countries would became bigger, big countries would became smaller, new countries will appear and old countries shall disappear.
Then I would go to my hometown, and I would change everything and everyone. I would live a regular life, however I would always have the Infinity Gauntlet at me. If somebody laughs of me boom! dead. If I take a small grade boom! big grade. If Aliens invade the Earth boom! no aliens.
I would also make my own pocket dimension where everything I want turns real. It would also be a neverending party. The door to this pocket dimension would be in a random tree, and everybody is allowed to come in as long they are worshiping me.

Anyway, what would you do?


I would probably destroy all of the Stones right away. ¯_(ツ)_/¯



Because that would be too much power to handle.

Yes, but we are talking about the Infinity Stones here. XD

You see? That power has already corrupted you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seeing how the stones require the sacrifice of those closest to you, I’m not sure I would want to put the gauntlet together. Power on that scale isn’t something I’d feel comfortable obtaining or wielding.

Let’s say that you just have it without the trials from MCU. Let’s say that you just have them.

I’m not sure I’d do anything too grand with them. I don’t entirely trust myself to wield artifacts that grant me control over the fundamentals of all creation and not accidentally do irreparable harm.


But there are infinite ways to fix your mistakes!

And also infinite ways to just make the problem worse, I believe.


This is what I would do:

I will use the stone of reality to make the reality that I own all LEGO sets that have been ever produced, (yes, even Galidor) and I will win the title of the Biggest LEGO collector ever. After that I will revive all LEGO themes that I liked, and become the president of the LEGO company myself. And If anyone is against my rule… BOOM!

After that I will build myself a base in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, and live happily ever after, with my house full of LEGOs. When I am tired of living happily ever after, I will become the protector of the Universe, and any evil that threatens the Earth shall die within my snap of my thumb.

And anything that is wrong on earth shall be fixed my power. And I will live forever, with nobody ever being able to kill me.



I would just do what Thanos did and erase half of the -wait, crap, I wouldn’t have a soul to sacrifice to get the soul stone.

Not really.

Okay, so just like my thicc daddy Thanos I would erase half of the universe, just to make people fear/respect me.


If I could keep myself from being corrupted, I’d destroy it, because as soon I use it to do even good, I won’t stop. (My dream of Ehlekia will come true!)

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To bad because the Stones can’t be used to destroy themselves.

Can they show me a way to Mount Doom?

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To what?

Mount Doom, from Lord of the Rings, the only place where the Ring can be destroyed. And maybe the place where the Infinity Stones can be destroyed too!