If You Were A Matoran

If you were a Matorian, what type would you be, what job would you like to have, and which island would you live on?

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Pretty tough question for an indecisive person like myself.
I would have to say a Po-Matoran Builder, on Metru-Nui.
Why? Because that’s exactly what I’m doing on MineCraft.


I would be a Onu-Matoran, my job would be either a disk maker or mask maker, and I would live in Metru Nui!

potato-matoran, err
ta-matoran, my self moc is a toa of fire after all, I would love to be a mask-maker and a guard, and what would they do on spherus magna?

“Matorian”? Is that some sort of Matoran-Glatorian combo?

I presume you mean Matoran, so…

I’d probably be an Av-Matoran who volunteered to be hidden among many of the Matoran populations in the universe, and be a drifter that travels between different Koros, or even different continents, participating in many different occupations. I’d also be female because gender equality. :wink:

matorian! strapp, malgnum, gregsh,(needtopayyour)taxis, kinia, fastus, hackar, Tumach4me
has anyone played matorian arena? best game ever!!!1!!!one!!!


I’d be a Av-matoran because then I could live in Karda Nui (which looked awesome) and be able to change my armour colour.

And my favourite element is light so…

And eventually I would have seen the Toa Nuva and stuff.


Onu-Matoran in Onu-Koro. Building machinery out of old bohrok parts would be fun and awesome to drive and ride in. Or just a ko-matoran in ko-koro just because Kopaka was one of my favorites next to Lewa

Onu-Matoran Historian or the Chronicler


Voya Nui Resistance Member of Fire


Whats a Matorian?


I’m like a cross between an Onu-Matoran and a Ko-Matoran. I build new machine-type stuff (Lego MOCs) and I stay isolated from the outside world mostly, with little interaction with real people. :stuck_out_tongue:


Le-Matoran most definitely
Island?: probably Voya Nui so I can be a part of the resistance team.

After reading the wiki I realized I had the exact personality traits as a Ta- Matoran

I’d probably be a Po-Matoran, I’d be a Rahi tender, and I’d live on Mata Nui.

Ko-Matoran. Logical, introverted, and always looking towards the future.


Le-Matoran: I love oxygen and flight.

Tester: Come on, who wouldn’t be?

Artahka: Matoran heaven, am I right?

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Probably a Ko-Matoran.

Occupation: Chronicler.

My hobby is writing after all and last I checked, it’s the closest occupation there is to Author.

Land of residence…


Likely Metru Nui.

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I would probably be an av-matoran sent to the other islands and stuff. I’d probably be a trader, going from island to island.

Ta-Matoran guardsman with a Gukko bird. Because I like birds.