If you were in charge of making a BIONICLE MMO

…what would you put in it? What races and elements? What world what it be based on? Post your thoughts here!

I for one would probably be a Bo-Skakdi, just because Skakdi and I haven’t explored much of the jungle element.

I don’t know about races, for a playable character but I would like to see some Zyglak as enemies then.

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I would have it start by picking your element tribe. Then you would get three classes of character- toa, turaga, and matoran (each with different abilities) which you can customize by choosing one starting mask and custom color scheme using that tribe’s used colors. People could also purchase titans to play as.

Game play elements I would include-
-allowing people using the same class to team up in groups of 6
-allowing toa to build element constructs.
-have characters strengthened in their natural element
-general combat and equipment collection (equipment would inlude masks, armor, and weapons)
-and most importantly, emphasis on open world exploration and story building.

In the world there would be villages to live and work in (each player gets a hut they can enter which they get into by going to the center hut in the village and entering their own personal code), vehicles to use, and characters to talk to.

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I would probably base the game on the Toa dark hunter war in Metru Nui, where you play as a Toa and go through Metru Nui doing missions and possibly the rest of the Mata Nui Robot.
Fight some dark hunters here, save a matoran there.


As an MMO the element system would need a major overhaul unless it’s going for the fun-locking route that enforces equipment and skill locks.

I’d take the dominant six elements and pair them up, then rename them to something suitable.
Maybe Ice-Fire as Creation, (Air/Jungle)-(Earth/Desert) as Life, Stone-Water as Change over Time.
Perhaps Creation/Destruction, Life/Death, Preservation/Change, note that elements don’t equal these even if they match surprisingly well.

These three are plugged into a three dimensional graph, now we have 8 weird classes to ■■■■■ around in, give them gibberish names and NEVER lock anyone to one set.

The goal is to give players a reason to interact with others so it’s not a bland single player game with other people in the scenery. We do this with political wars. Political wars are the driving motivation for PvP and general world building.

Wow this is barely even Bionicle anymore, it might work as an AU, maybe a Makuta civil war.

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I would use the server to play Lego Universe all day. :smiley:

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Needs to be a Taco Map, TACOS EVERYWHERE!!!

Biomechanical tacos? Hmm…

Crunch “Whoops, swallowed a bit of metal!”

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Mnog 3d

You play a matoran (pick which village) then afterwards you have the option to choose what kind of Toa element you want.
The world would have to be similar to skyrim obviously, but with the Bionicle flair. That means make its own visual appearance.
The combat should be similar to Wildstar. Also, I wish the story was handled by Bioware.

In a Bionicle MMO, I would personally add every single element in the 2001-2010, which would mean adding Plantlife, Psionics, Sonics, Magnetism, Iron, Lightning, and many more. Those would be the element types, and you would play as a Toa, journeying around the post-2010 Spherus Magna planet defeating stuff.

The character creation would start by making you choose what element you want your Toa-Hero to be. These would reflect on what types of abilities and color schemes that you would possess. Another feature would be what kind of Kanohi mask you would use, and this would also affect your mask powers. That’s pretty much how the character creation would go.

The place would take place after the events of 2010, meaning you would be on Spherus Magna, doing quests from Glatorian, Agori, Toa, Turaga and Matoran.


If I was given unlimited resources and other means of creating the MMO. than it would have to have

SWTOR’s Story-telling, made by Greg
Customization Freedom, one such as in Spore
Wildstar’s combat system
WoW’s voice-acting
And realistic art-style with top-notch graphics…but that will never happen. :frowning:

You killed it with the realistic art-style at the end.

personally, I would be happy even with something less realistic like TLR style or the old movies.

Having its own artstyle as oppose to realistic graphics would make the ageing of the game go a lot better.

Best example, MNOG.

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