If you were offered the chance to create a new Star Wars trilogy, what would you do in the universe and what would the story be?

You can do whatever you’d like with this new trilogy, we’ll assume that the characters that haven’t died yet, are still alive in this new trilogy. People can come back to life but it must be explained. You can introduce new characters, technology, and pretty much whatever you want. You may have it take place during and time in the universe or in between a different Star Wars movie. It could be a stand-alone movie meaning it focuses on one character and the origins of that character. It doesn’t have to be a long complicated idea, but explain the gist of what the trilogy would be about and what the characters would be doing.


I would do something with the mandalorians, 'coz you know, they’re cool :blush:
Maybe make their empire rise again and become a galactical threat


#Make everyone Jar Jar

actually I might make it more Based on the Civil War and more Large Scale Wars
like we saw in the Clone Wars 08


Star Wars: Civil War


@Solaris Interesting, I’d actually like to see something like this.

@Whaddon Yeah I think that’d be cool. See the whole galaxy in a big war.

@Invader39 Lol YES!

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The empire finally falls. Because of all the chaos and war, the last remaining humans flee the fallen Galaxy in search of a new home. They find Earth. The end.

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How about a trilogy focused on the rise and fall of Palpatine?

Things it needs to include:

More politics
More Jedi
A love focus
3-CPO, somehow.
Palpatine’s Jedi Master, who does nothing but deliver one-liners
Palpatine’s Sith master, an obviously bad guy.
An explanation for how the Force works.
A scene where Palpatine complains about sand.
And Yoda

OK, to be serious: how about making something like the Han Solo trilogy into a movie series.


A trilogy about Palpatine seems like a very cool idea, we didn’t really see a lot of his past so I think I would love to know what made him bad. Also what it needs to include are spot on, I agree.

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Actually, I was making fun of the prequel trilogy, but now that I think about it, it actually sounds like a good idea.

Yeah i would do that too, and probably cast myself in the movie

Any of these:
Qui Gon
Han Solo
And some more that don’t come to mind right now.

I would do what Lucas was afraid of doing, and reveal Darth Jar Jar

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2008 Clone Wars the movies

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Several ideas:

Obi Wan Trilogy

Jedi and Sith Silmarillion style trilogy going through the most of the orders histories

A story where we finally see evil Light Side users with all the effects of Light Side degredation, not to mention a good Dark Side user.

LEGO Star Wars movie (similar to LEGO Batman movie)

Qui Gon / Dooku / Yoda Trilogy

Palpatine / Plagueis movie

Darth Bane Trilogy

Revan Trilogy

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?


Yeah, the book was amazing, thats why I want thy movie.