If you were Santa Claus

If I were Santa Claus, I would tell my elves to make Bionicle and old LEGO sets, and deliver them for Christmas to kids all around the world. Of course, the sets are all sealed, but good thing kids won’t sell them, because Bionicle is way to cool to sell on Ebay for crazy prices. And this way, kids which were not even born when Bionicle was a thing, will be able to experience Bionicle like we did.

What about you? What would you do if you were Santa Claus?


If I would be Santa… I’ll make myself tons of bionicle and hero factory sets and I would never bring them to kids, so that I would have the biggest collection in the whole world!! BUHAHAHAHAHA!!


insert the whole plot of the santa clause


I don’t believe in this kinda Santa claus…

BUT, if I were him, I would ride around in a corvette instead of a sled.

I don’t believe either… It’s just pop culture… Actually, is there anybody on this boards that believes in Santa?

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I’d give kids on TTV the chance to make their own topics before the new options get all but eliminated by one or two people. If I was Santa Claus, anyhow.


Seeing as you have to be older than twelve to join, I doubt it.

If I were Santa I’d get ripped and take over the world

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Simple; deliver all the cool stuff to myself. (No more 200$+ purchases; I’d get the same stuff for free

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I would give new Ninjago sets (or whatever theme is popular at the time) to all the TTV cast, except one. Which one that is would be chosen at random each year. :smiling_imp:



I don’t but since my parents tell me he gets me Lego, I fake it for free Lego

Yeah it’s mostly either ironic or just playing along

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I’d stop believing in myself and cease to exist

Unrelated but did you know my uncle is Irnakk