If your character/story was made into a movie/tv series, who would play who?

Kinda self explanatory. My selfMOC Ahiru would be played by Brett Dalton

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Spider-Ehlek would obviously be played be me. Or Tom Holland. Or Andy Serkis.

My main character would be played by Leo DiCaprio and I would have him do everything imaginable to get him another oscar

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Well, The only story I have finished is a Star Wars Fan Fiction (don’t worry, I spent a few years working on it, so it’s not like the stupid ones you see online). I’d say Hugh Jackman as Endtrek, a disgraced Jedi left alone to die after Order 66, Isabella Sermon (in a year or two, she’s a little young now) as Kira, an abandoned orphan living alone on a desert planet, and Josh Holloway as Selrith Argoul, a serial killer with a band of mercenaries hell bent on killing Edntrek. Oh, and I’d also make Hugh Jackman and Josh Holloway look a considerable degree older, like Hugh did in Logan.


Martin Freeman would play my character.

If my stories were ever to be adapted into an audio book format, I would have Tony Wedgewood (the guy who did a lot of the G1 bionicle adds) be the narrator.

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If Wertman 8 from MOCpages’ story was made into a series of some sort, I’d want Hugh Jackman to play Takathorax, and Tom Hardy to play Raxonax/Shadownax. Not sure bout the others lol

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I always picture David Tennant as Kyro