If Youtube Hosts a Biotuber Convention

You know, I had this fantasy daydream since I started Shining Wing Productions:What if Youtube decided to break the budget and host a Biotuber Convention? Think about it:All Biotubers around the globe gather together to share their MOC ideas,goof around and stuff. That would be awesome. Too bad it’s impossible. I really wish every Biotuber has the chance to meet other foreign Biotuber in person,and not just using Skype and Hangouts.

For me,I wish this could happen some day. I live in Taiwan,and I’m pretty much the first(and possibly the last) Biotuber who is Asian while live in a country that people hardly even notice. Taiwan is a wonderful place,yet some people don’t know that. I really hope some foreign Biotubers could come visit Taiwan,or I go visit them in their respectful countries. That’s pretty much the main purpose of why I started S.W.P.

I don’t care how much negative replys I’ll get for this,it’s just my wish that hopes to be true.

-Wing Rocka


I just got the mental image of hundreds of people gang rushing Eljay to try to take his mask off.


It would be pretty cool.


I think the larger issue would be getting YouTube to consider funding or hosting something like this


Then we’ll make them come true! To the crowdfundmobile!


It’s not even the money - it’s more like the fact that BioTube isn’t officially recognizable as an entity


I would love to be part of that, however it highly unlikely. It’s hard enough to arrange a gathering in the US alone, its likely I will never see other members of TTV in person because its so expensive to and back.


Who said YouTube had to host it? It would be much more plausible for you and others interested in something like this to establish it yourself and invite other BioTubers to it.


I don’t think people has enough time and money to organize everything.

I wish they could.