Ignax V4

I’ve only ever posted two versions of Ignax on the message boards(on of them an edit) but I’ve actually made 4versions now, the one before now just wasn’t good enough.

I tried to make it look a little more feminime this time seeing as it is bother genders in one, but it just looks skinny.
They are a skeleton.
Look at the OG topic for info and back story.
This is just pictures. Goodbye.


The moc looks cool enough, but the pictures could use some work.
Maybe try taking a picture of it against a wall or something. Something more monotone.

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do you have photos indoors? it’s really hard to notice this moc in a bright sun and with the plants in the background

It is giant!!!

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What in Karzahni…?

I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at.

Is there a way to boost that contrast?