Ignik (Multiversal Self-MOC)

:name_badge: Ignighton aka Ignik "The Spark of Life"

:scroll: The story of this MOC reaches as far back as the year of 2014, when the idea of having a self-MOC was especially popular and I was just freshly introduced to the MOCist community on flickr by a friend, so after seeing many amazing creations there, I naturally wanted to build one for myself, but I wasn’t really keen on using G1 parts and disassembling my sets for that purpose in the process, simply in fear of potentially breaking some of them and being left with damaged/incomplete figures, so I turned to more durable CCBS pieces, although unfortunately their selection in my collection was very limited at the time and that fact has been reflected in all of the model’s iterations, beginning from a simple HF character up to the most recent one you’re about to see below, in the design aspects such as, most notably, the color scheme, which happens to primarily consist of my three favorite colors, and the original helmet choice.

:policeman: Hero Recon Team Agent (Legacy variant)

:camera_flash: More pics:

Different angles

Transitional inbetween state/Peek at internal torso construction

First lair off

Underneath the back armor plate

:hammer_and_wrench: Some design notes and inspirations:

  • His lower legs are meant to resemble a pair of combat boots enforced by some armor plates and equipped with booster engines at the back, which alongside the piston details of Metru feet allow him to dash during pursuits and provide some additional force while kicking.
  • A multi-tool ice shield piece serves as the backplate in reference to its prominent use as one in the HF animated show and a matching silver 2.0. chest plate is a nod to the more unitary design of heroes in the Invasion From Below episode. Together, they’re supposed to look like a tactical vest.
  • Use of a lime green Hero Core piece, as opposed to white utilized in later sets, is a representation of his designation as a member of the Hero Recon Team.
    Transparent lime elements scattered throughout would work as police lights.
  • Lime green decorative spike element used heavily in the 2.0. line is placed in vaguely the same spot as is Evo’s in the animation as a tribute to his character being my favorite one.
  • Flipped Brain Attack Surge’s helmet may not have proper eyeholes in such orientation, but is instead equipped with numerous sensors.
  • The chain is there just for looks and characterization, but could possibly be used as handcuffs.
  • If I were to give make any accessories for this version, I think, I’d settle for like an energized tonfa or two.
  • The lime green stud piece is literally a belly button hiding an open pinhole and its round shape corresponds somewhat nicely with bushings covering that technic axle’s ends which are all needed for the conversion.

:sunflower: “The Spark of Life” (a G2 style hero)

:camera_flash: More pics:

Different angles

Enchanted psionic arm variant

Transition 2

All that junk

:hammer_and_wrench: Some design notes and inspirations:

  • TBA

I really like that it can change between modes.

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Those photos are way too small. Sizing it up to 640x480 is usually good for MOC topics.

From what I can see, The dual coloration is a cool design. The design seems cluttered (especially in the G2 inspiration) but it’s hard to dissect that currently.

I’m no exactly sure what you mean, from my perspective they are all pretty big, both on desktop and mobile. I’ve changed their size settings back to 100%, not sure if that previously had any impact on your ability to click and enlarge or open them in a new tab to see their original size.

That seemed to help.

Assuming that the Spark of Life variant is the primary version of him… yeah, he does seem a bit busy, but he’s got some cool design elements, like the chain necklace and the blades in his waist. The colors do seem a bit inconsistent - you’ve got the blue and yellow dichotomy, which seems concentrated on the knees, you’ve got the silver that takes up most of him, but you’ve also got the lime and the trans green both serving as armor, as well as the gunmetal on the shins and black on the legs and arms (which is jarring on the arms, less so on the legs thanks to the gunmetal.)

I do think some simplification would benefit him. I’d take at least two colors out - the trans green and the black hand pieces as first priority - and try to declutter his waist.

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