Ignis, Master of Fire

I am predicting all of the Team Fortress 2 jokes…

This is Ignis, Master of Fire. She is rather new master on Terrus’ team (info on Terrus: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/terrus-master-of-■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and yes, I have updated him for those who have posted in that topic). A hotshot with a elemental fire Gatling gun, she is proud to be a master and plows down evil with rapid fire Ba-dum tss. But, she does tend to argue with her teammates here and there. it’s mostly because she charges ahead with her gun blazing Ba-dum tss intensifies. However, she is loyal to her team, despite occasionally stopping to sign an autograph.

Here is how this MOC came about: I was working on a MOC the other night that I scrapped. Out of ideas, I started to pack up my CCBS parts. One issue though: My box was full and there was still a good chunk of parts out in the open. So I figured I’d make a MOC to use up some parts. I had a lot of red so I figured I’d make a fire based MOC.

Let’s move onto some more pictures!

Ignis with her gun, The Hero Blazer:

We’ll get back to the Hero Blazer in a second. Now onto some other pictures:

I could have left the gear box empty, but that would have made the MOC look incomplete.

Actually, before I move onto the Hero Blazer, let me address one glaring thing: the mask Ignis is wearing. I know it is the golden mask of water. Since there is very little masks right now and I don’t want to paint my Gali G2 mask, the mask Ignis is wearing is a golden mask of fire that looks like the mask of water (like how in G1, Krakua had a mask that looked like a Hau, but it was something else).

Now onto the Hero Blazer:

I had a lot of fun building this. I’ve always wanted to make a Gatling gun for my MOCs and with the advent of protector blasters, I can do that. Yeah, I know you could do it with system, but I never really had the parts required and it wouldn’t have felt right.

I actually figured out how to keep all the blasters in place pretty quickly. Those studs you get with the blasters were very helpful in this situation. Also, you can turn the barrel with the gear back there. You can’t fire the studs, but eh, necessary evils. Besides, this thing blasts fire.

So as per usual, tell me what you guys think.


For a Moment I thought you made Ghost8o’s/Pot8o’s self moc

if you didn’t know his self moc is also named ignis

She looks alright

sick minigun and all

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that gun is awesome ! also the colors of the moc are really good

No, I did not know that. I was looking up Latin words for fire and it’s synonyms when I was coming up with the name.

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Alternatively you can ignore it since he also has a main self MOC named Nisgi who’s a toa of plant life

0/10 - No Sandvich


Not really much to say about the MOC. Most of the body a chunk of red and the mini-gun is awkwardly held. The build is basic, but to be honest it isn’t really that effective. I love Heavy-Weapons themed MOCs and I would like to see you improve it.


I can see a way the gatling gun could fire ALL of its six shooters. Just make sure the axle going through them all can’t rotate, then stock all of the six shooters with bullets, thread them on, then to fire you rotate one, pull it off, rotate the next one, pull it off, etc.

I’m afraid not. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of this MOC. The shoulders are weird, with a lower gearbox, friction adders, and armor placed lower. The color distribution is not good, with the arms only having trans-orange, the legs only having red, and having only 3 gunmetal pieces on the MOC, in addition to the Golden MoW standing out like a sore thumb.In addition, the shaping on the legs seems…unnatural, with the HF torso pieces sticking upwards like that. The gun looks like it could benefit from having more of a magazine somewhere, though I guess if it shoots fire that wouldn’t make much sense.

Overall, I give this a 3/10. It’s a lot of easy fixes though.

Now is this because of the articulation limit of the parts or the way I built the gun?

Fair enough. …that’s all I got.

My sincerest apologies, but I am not changing the color scheme of this MOC. But I will note what you guys said for future MOCs. I’m not trying to shoot down opinions or critique, it’s just that I really like how this MOC looks. And there are some people that don’t mind the color scheme…so yeah.

From a lore standpoint, fair enough. From a color stand point… there is nothing I can really do about that (you saw my “reason” on painting a mask and the note on the limited amount of mask choices right now)

I actually agree with you on that and I just made some alterations.

Exactly. But if I can work something out for the gun that looks right, I’ll try it out.

It’s not the color scheme that’s bad, it’s the distribution. All you would have to do is switch some of the trans-orange on the arms with the red on the legs and maybe add some more gunmetal…

Well I’m certainly wide awake…

I know what you were talking about (the color stacking). Again, I like how it turned out and some people don’t mind it. But I will note down what you said for future MOCs. It’s safe to say this was an unintentional experiment on my part.

I may do a version 2 eventually. If I do that, I’ll definitely experiment with a better distribution of color. And I can guarantee future MOCs won’t have the color stacking I used in this MOC.

I dont think the torso shells work with the wider part up, and the color distribution does need some work on.I think, with a proper custom torso, this moc could be really good. I love the blazer, although for a second I actualy thought it was a Gatling gun that shot Gatling guns.

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I have indeed made changes to the leg armor.

That’s the common consensus. I am making a note of this for future MOCs.

Well, once again, it kind of looks like a re-arranged Tahu with Gali’s mask and Skull armor…

Let me tell you what I do like:

  • The gunmetal/red color scheme
  • The trans-orange arms look like lava arms!
  • The amazing gatling gun!

So maybe if you ever get some more parts (because I understand you don’t have that many) you could make it a bit more original build-wise and keep those unique aspects!

Forget what I said…MAKE THAT HIS WEAPON!

Well, you said it, not me.

“Some people think they can outsmart me… maybe… sniff maybe. I hace yet to find someone that can outsmart trans-orange stud.”

It’s good for what it is. The weapon adds a lot of character.