Ignis (potao) V3

after a millenia
err a week of waiting comes..
Toa ignis, toa of fire!

here he is all buff and stuff posin and stuff

discussin stuff with matoran nuju

close up of bow

head without the mask


please leave constructive critisism down in the comments, and stuff


Looks pretty solid to me. Not a big fan of the mixing of golds but eh that's kinda minor. Good coverage from the back too.

thats the same problem ngram told me
unfortunetly lego didnt release a pearl gold metru hau
I can change the metru gold armour with red, but the fact that the hau is metru gold is the problem
I might use the 2015 gold hau, it looks pretty big, and cool


Lower arms need better armor, and the trans-orange inika upper leg in the torso should be replaced with a black one to blend better.

It has a cool overall look, though.

One major gripe is that he only has one hand with pose-able fingers.

Nice head piece. Did you come up with that on your own?

@HordikaMillsy it does, I just didnt have the other hand ready stuck_out_tongue
@CausticKrana I based it off the toa metru head, tho its not that complicated of a head, it took me a couple minutes to figure out, I didnt see this head before tho, but it might have been done

I like the custom head!


I agree with @Nyran, the limb is a bit out of place.

Otherwise, it's a solid MOC!

That's one way of making a head LoLz, nice work.

The arms look a little to skinny for the rest of the body and I'd love to see more gold armor on the legs. Otherwise it's an all around great moc. I love how you added armor to the back, that's something people usually don't do when mocing. Anyways nice Moc and keep on mocin'.

@SammySpartan according to ngram, chi worriz has dark red armour, so..I am going to get that
@ToaOfUltimateDoom lol thanks, I dont understand whats with people and the head, its not that complex or special
@Aeros irony is, the armour on the back was last minute stuck_out_tongue
the legs were originally skinny, but I didnt like it, he looked a little strange then I made those legs and now I love the legs I used, though I will re make the arms.


Very nice! He's got a very nice stance! The gunmetal on the forearms doesn't work very well though. Can I assume the black foot is just placeholder?

the black foot is there because I ran out of dark red ones
the gunmetal is because I dont have the dark red hero armour pieces yet..