Ignis Predator

This is my first proper system and C.C.B.S. M.O.C., and though it was difficult, it was a fun project to work on.

This creature is often seen in hot volcanic environment, and has been rumored to live in volcanic reservoirs.

In the volcanic underwater regions, it has glowed, or magnified and reflected the light around it.

The main weak point it where the head’s attached, so it can come off rather easily if not careful.

Please give criticism, comments, or critiques.
Special thanks to @Vicroen for helping me build this.


Nice build, but I don’t really know what it’s supposed to represent…

Reminds me of a Lohrak in Bionicle, and that’s pretty awesome!

It was meant to be a fish build, I like the current form, but I’d love to improve it.

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I mean I’ve already told yah my thoughts on it😂 but might as well again. Looks good I also really like the use of the Ackar helmet on the mouth. Looks real Nice