Ignis Version 4

I haven't been here in a while
But hey, here is this to make up for it
Also, you should check out the dragon WIP I have
Over here

Oh yeah, I have been MOCing for an entire year
that's cool I guess



it's not laziness, I would just rather link to the album I have there already made.

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I really him. He's nice and compact with a nice amount of detail. I also love his shoulder plates. Not sure about the Metru Hua being on its side though. 8.9/10 because 9/10 is too good a rating for a potato. stuck_out_tongue

Very nice. I like them. Are you going to have two self MOCs now?

This is just a remake of my OG self moc

Oh-kay. Thanks for the clarification

I can't help but see this face.



I like it, and the dragon looks really nice.

Turned mask? No. Not even once. pls.

I hate how that looks.

The rest of him is pretty good; I particularly like the pauldron look with the ifb parts.

The dragon's off to a good start!

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I will turn it around, and take pictures later
and you can tell me which looks better
because its not the normal orientation of the mask

Ignis looks great! The gap between the shoulder armour and the shoulders themselves does look a bit awkward IMO, and I'm not a fan of Lhikan's Hau upside down--but that's just down to preference. Loving the colours, though. They look really balanced to me.

That dragon tho
Awesome head, and from what I can see, those wings are looking snazzy.

I managed to make it work!
but I have nothing to take pictures with