Ignitus, My Self MOC


Plural used

I think the Torso itself is pretty cool, but the limbs are a bit Meh.

Wow, Sammy; You really grew as a Moccer. :smile:

I look at my current Mocs and say to myself "These are nowhere ear as good as I seem to think when I first finish them." Then I see these old ones and think "Jesus Christ Almighty I was sooooo bad.

Except for these arm connections. They seem a bit bare, but I wonder what I could do if they were beefed up...


Do you know what would be cool? An Ignitus Revamp. :smile:

I've been updating him for a year now. Hard to believe that they're the same (of course, the name is different, but that's neither here nor there).

Actually, this isn't even the most recent update. I've since changed the chest piece to the same piece that his feet use, which gives him a slimmer look. Unfortunately, I still can't do anything about the exposed technic or the lackluster arms.


He definitely looks better. Nerce Jub. :smile: