Ignotus (MOC) photo

Recently, I made something in LDD and decided to have some fun with it. Here, I wanted to go for an ominous tone to suit the appearance of the MOC, or how this creature would appear at night if token with a camera.

I also used a different filter for a more paranormal feel




2spooky4me. Great job.

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These look really good, though I prefer the one with color. smile_cat


These are pretty cool!

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it's named the rake, so I assume it's based on the paranormal creature of the same name?
if so, the colors are wrong, it should be white-ish,

otherwise I do like the picture itself.

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Neat picture, though I highly recommend trimming the top half of the photo. It pulls the viewer's eye away from (presumably) the main focus (the MOC).

I recently renamed the MOC, Ignotus (Latin for unknown). The usage of the name Rake was mainly because I was lazy and it was the first thing that came to mind after making this MOC.

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Very nice looking, and the background works rather well! One question, though - was this made IRL or in LDD? Something about it seems off to me, and I can't quite place it.

The MOC was made using LDD.


Alright; good to know. Still looks great!