I'll paint your masks for free

You heard me

i paint masks as long as i have said mask and i’m willing to Paint it.

i’ll paint one

so uh yea


I… I don’t think it is free. the user would not only have to ship it to you, which is definitely out of the States (I’m pretty sure most of us are in the US), but you would also have to ship it back to them.


I ship to you!

i’m gonna be buying in bulk a bunch of masks

and do paint requests

I want to see an example of your painted masks.

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What mask should i paint then and in what color?

any specific designs?

Us the consumers want to see the masks.


since this is free

send me a request on what to paint

so that i can show off my best work

Paint the most sexy Hau ever.

the most Sexy?

depends on what you find sexy

Gold is the best color with battle marks and smears : )

so chipped gold?

alright i have to buy the paint but okay

trust me people will like it

it’s gonna take a few weeks i have to get the paint and the tools to make it properly chipped

take your time

could you do like a rusted copper Olmak?

i could try

i have to buy the OLMAK

New mask examples coming

2015 Infected hau (finished)

2015 orange Pakari (not started)

Could you make a Kualsi that’s painted metru red/black? (like Dume’s mask, but a Kualsi)

Sorry i can’t i’ve stopped my offer nogus

Okay then.

Since, VP’s offer has ended. This topic shall be closed.