IM BACK! Stories of Axeru Nui (Toa Pentol)

Okay, so i haven’t posted anything in a loooong time. Why? Exams… Exams happened… And i had lost all sorts of inspiration. But at long last, im posting something again, and as a compensation (i guess?) it’s an entire island - sort of -!
Let’s get to it shall we?

Our story starts with an unlikely group of toa, 4 to be more precise, although they do not see each other as friends but rather colleagues they would do anything for their fellow toa. That had already been proven once, and it had left a mark on the whole group and what you are about to hear is a… conversation… Yea…
“Why are we going back to this island?! It’s madness! Last time we went there 3 of us died! TO THE SAME CREATURE! And now you want to go back!?”
Sigh Ruka… We have been over this before… We get it, you don’t like the place. None of us do… After all its where Togun died… But the matoran there need us. You more than any of us. They are having a heat crisis, and they have been begging for a toa of ice. Besides after we got put out of service in the Order of Mata Nui we are all aching for a little time where we can be us and not have our glory stolen… A concept you are very fond of i am not mistaking?”
The lump of a toa sat down in the boat again, and as he did the entire boat rocked for a moment.
“So… Can we atleast get some intel on what we are doing at that island? I mean it’s not a visorak or dark hunter related issue so what is it?”
This time the voice cam from the back of the boat, the newest member of the team who was “bestowed” on the group after the Order need someone to train him.
“Im afraid not, i have as much info as you do… Get to the island, help the matoran control the heat emiting from the volcano and hopefully even find the missing Fe-matoran”
“Hold on! Fe-matoran?! You haven’t mentioned a Fe-matoran before?!”
“Ruka, control your anger, alright? we have been over this before…”
“HEY! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! You know i don’t like it!”
The crew consisted of the following:

Ruka (the one with most custom parts/limbs), toa of ice and a formidable warrior with a spear and shield, however his temper has often led the team into trouble.

Those hips ;-; (i had the entire body built and then i realised i needed legs)

Katax, the newest member, also called Initiate, who is the only non-toa member of the team, and to be honest, none of them know truly what she is.

She reminded them of rakshi however none of her personality matched that of a rakshi (mainly due to how shy and clumsy she is), and none of them complained really, as her psionic powers were almost on par with that of a toa. Besides her powers were useful for when Ruka was about to get mad.
Tiika, a toa of air and the teams leader, although not the best warrior his mind is always cool and calculating.

And at last, Gyten, a toa of fire, although the team often mocks him for having a weird personality in comparison to his element he is the best diplomat the team has ever met and has gotten the crew out of trouble more times than any of them even realise.

“Are we there yet?” Ruka asked, patience had never been one of his strengths
“Ask Katax, after all she is one of the indigenous people that live on the island.”
Ruka gave Katax a weird gaze, only to find that she was in a trance like state.
“Uhm… Tiika? She does not seem to be breathing… Is… Is that normal when she does… Well… That…”
“Huh? Oh yeah… She does that some times…”
Ruka was getting more and more uncomfortable

In another place
The Fe-matoran slammed the piece of metal he had been working the last 3 days trying to bend into the wall, only for his “pet” to give it back to him
“Thanks… I don’t get it… You’re species, is so violent and powerful… Yet… You, you are docile, pretty much harmless and by far the most friendly thing i have met…”
The creature starting running around new the forge and every now and then, it would spit a ball of molten rock into the flames
It had been nearly 15 years, since the Fe-matoran named Pomek had lost his mentor… He had been a fellow Fe-matoran but far more experienced in the art of smithing than him, and now.

He lost his left hand in an accident while being tutored by his former mentor (now deceased) but with alot of help he was able to craft a claw like appendix.
He was keeping one the very creatures that killed him as a pet. Every now and then Pomek would feel rage against the little thing but he could not help but feel remorse towards it. He had found its nest when it was still an egg, razed with smashed egg shells everywhere nearby, yet the one egg - the very one he made hatch (somehow) - turned out to be unschathed… He took the egg and started running, not knowing if the mother (or whatever razed the nest) would be nearby or not, and he was not staying to find out.

And years later. Welp. He had a creature similar to the one on the picture here just alot - ALOT - smaller (about 1/3 the size of a mctoran)
He was trying to forge a sword… Or a mallet… He wasn’t really sure yet, but it would be one of the 2 so that he could defend himself against… Well… Whatever might attack

On the boat again
“Are we there yet?”
“Yes, we are Ruka, and if you would sit up you would realize that you lazy iceball”
Few could speak to him that way but Gyten was the only one who could say it with a serious voice and get away with it.
Ruka quickly sat up as to prove him wrong however, this he soon regretted as he had been lying on his shield so his back was pretty soar
“Oh, god… Ouch… Okay… Shields do not make good pillows” he said as he streched
Minutes later they arrived at the only harbor on the island (and the only city inhabited by matoran) only to find that the “awaited” toa was… Well… They were currently being held at gunpoint by the city guard
“Okaaaay… So much for us being needed here Tiika” Ruka said with a sarcastic voice
“Yea… My bad apperently”
Gyten took a step forward while holding his hands in the air
“Okay, so you guys are on the lookout for anyone who might cause trouble, we get that. But. Were here to help, We are the Toa Pentol. Well… Um… Squad Pentol?” He said giving a questioning look at the others after having taken a glance at Katax, who was still in a trance like state on the boat
The matoran, convinced after a long debate, let the toa free however they needed a favor from the toa before they could begin looking into the whole heat stroke crisis, something more urgent than even that.

About 3 hours later
“God wheeze this… This is a thick jungle… By Mata wheeze Nui… Why is it so difficult to walk in here aswell?!”
Ruka had already fallen 17 times, and was still fumbling around for support every now and then (which was usually Katax’s job) while Katax herself. Well she was walking through the thick bushes as if she was floating - which it sorta looked like as her feet never truly touched the ground - the other 2 however were doing fine with only the occasional branch slapping them in the face

Katax quickly found the place they were looking for however, it was not what they expected, mainly due to the constant roaring in the distance and the occasional tree falling but also because there was no sign of battle. The matoran guard leader had told them that they were looking for a battle site were a supposed toa had been killed by one of the indigenous creatures - A kaftan, a name feared by those who lived on the only, well. All except one.

“Wanna go for a walk? The fresh air might give me some luck with the smithing…”
Pomek was talking to his pet… Wherever he liked calling it that or not he was still not sure. But for a walk they would go.

“Hey guys! I think i found something”
“Yea… And i think something found us” Only then did Katax realise the roaring was growing louder and the occasional tree falling was increasing in frequency

“Okay we need to get out of here, i have a feeling what that might be. But first i need you to look at this”

“That’s our toa alright, now lets get out of here”
Too late. After the last word was spoken a tree nearly planted itself on Gyten and moments later a gigantic creature sprang forth from the woods

“You two! Get out of here!” Tiika shouted over the loud roars while pointing at Gyten and Katax
“You need to get reinforcements”
Katax looked at the creature only to realise it was almost 15x larger than an ordinary Kaftan
“Were gonna need more than a cities guard to bring that thing down”
Gyten and Katax took the run - Katax still holding the dead toa’s mask in her hands

The battle that followed between Tiika, Ruka and the enormous kaftan was brutal. The toa being too inexperienced with such a creature to know how to fight it.
The toa would make the occasional attack but the Kaftan would just get more angry while the blows themselves would simply be repelled by the thick armoring that covered the creature

“Tiika! Get Hmpf out of here! I got this! Or… Hmpf Atleast i’ll keep it distracted long enough Argh! So that you and the others can get away”
Tiika realised Ruka was right, and although he would hate himself for a long time to come, he left Ruka to wrestle the beast.
Ruka however, was far from done fighting

Making a quick maneuver he managed to get a few feet between him and the beast and took on a defensive stance, only to realise he had just made i easier for the beast to kill him
“Worth a try”
He said as he put his spear on top of his shield and braced for impact, hoping the creatures own charge would generate enough momentum to impale the creature. He would die in process, but it would save the others
“Well… Guess i got that hero ending i always wanted”

End of part 1
Future stories will also be written here so be sure to check back every now and then (unless i lose inspiration again)

As always i am open to suggestions (mainly about the hips on Ruka and the shoulders on Gyten, what do you think of those shoulderpads?)
Anyways Bye see you next update on the Toa Pentol (and Pomeks)
Also, theres a little easter egg related to another one of my posts here, can you find it? :wink:
Btw Thank you to my sister who painted the masks (i suck at painting or anthing art related) they were a big help in the making of these MOC’s