I'm not getting notifications

I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else has this problem, but I’m getting absolutely no notifications for any of my watched topics. I just though that the boards where just being uncharacteristically inactive, but that’s not the case. I assume this has something to do with that update that happened a few weeks ago that’s been messing up a bunch of stuff.

Notification bug is back.



I’m with you. I’ve been finding myself dicovering recent replies on topics I’ve participated in without being notified, so I guess you’re not alone.

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And the thing is that I wasn’t notified to either of these responses, in a topic that I made! This better get fixed soon, 'cause of all the bugs that have been popping up as of late, this one is probably the worst.

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the only notifications i get are likes


Same way for me, as I just found out.

Wait, when did it show up the first time?

It’s impossible to count how many times this happenned

Oh well that’s just fan (fwee)ing tastic! :angry:

We have sent in a support ticket to our hosting service and it is now out of our hands. We hope that this will be resolved shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


Huzzah! The problem has been fixed! (Well for me anyways)

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