I'm sharing a really bad drawing of my self moc The Blind Watcher

Here’s a really bad drawing of my self moc The Blind Watcher Darth Ben Ben. I’m still working on the moc itself. I’m having problems finding a mask that goes with this creepy theme I have going here (well trying to have going here).

I have a lot of back story for this guy but I going wait until I finish the moc that goes with.

My brother said that this was really creepy maybe to creepy.

Probably won’t be finished with this guy for another couple of weeks.
Still need a few more parts for him. I also couldn’t decided how I want him to look for the longest time

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If your going to roll with the white and red color scheme, I think an 01 Kakama or the Volitak should work.

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It’s a basic pic so it’s sp00kiness is limited. Creepy, but not quite 2sp00ky4me. For masks you could go with the upside-down noble Whenua mask (Completely blanking on the name).

Edit: The Ruru! That’s it!


ze edge

it iz too real

It’s not really supposed to be spooky. I just want it to be creepy and sad looking when I’m done with it.


Looks kinda…creepy…

If you want that chin shape, go with a Noble Huna.

Here’s a slightly better picture of him. I change him a little.

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I guess that means he wears a Miru?

Huh I actually have a white miru laying around. I just need to paint red strips down the side of it.