Imagine Dragons topic

I like a lot of their songs, and Believer is probably my favorite.


I’m honestly surprised the topic didn’t exist already.

They’re okay.

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Imagine Dragons is like the only band on the radio that I consistently like or enjoy their songs. The only song I hear that I don’t like is “Thunder”, but that’s just because the voice in the chorus is annoying, the rest of the song is catchy.


Demons and radioactive are easily my faves, and believer is up there as well. For the kind of music that it is (alternative?) it’s pretty good.

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My favorite of theirs is either Believer or I Don’t Know Why.

I like Radioactive, Believer, and Friction

Not one of my favorite bands, but they’ve put out a couple songs I like.


The only two songs I know from them are Believer and Thunder
and I am addicted of both.

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Alternative rock and pop rock are their genres. Though for alternative rock they’re very mainstream

They’re one of my favorite bands. Radioactive is amazing, and so is Demons. Their new music is good, too. It’s nice to hear alternative on the radio still.

They’re the most mainstream alternative rock there is probably.

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Also, to add to what I said earlier. They’re very popular for Anime AMVs and the like which provides ranges of reactions like
“Hey that was pretty interesting…”
“Wait why? What is the point of using this song for your anime?”


Imagine Dragons are on top of the world, and I feel happy for them that they’re doing so well, even though most of their songs put me to sleep and I get constantly irritated whenever they keep showing up on my YouTube feed or Spotify ads.

Still better than Maroon five, but then agian so is a screaming goat scratching nails against a chalkboard while said chalkboard is in a woodchipper.

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Their new album is pretty cool.

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