Before I start the post; some backstory.
A few years ago I went to a anime convention cosplaying a horror character and this weekend I’m going to another cosplaying the same character. I lost the tin foil knife I used though so I worked on building a Lego prop knife; this is what that idea turned into.

I’m not really sure about the moc backstory he’s just a transforming knife like transformers arms microns.

Knife form

I had a few versions before but they were all too bulky for a blade.


ay a person who turns into a weapon


seems lacking in the looks department in humanoid form, but he seems alright


Yeah. This version I specifically went with a thin design similar to that minibot blade thing in transformers 2. The others looked better in humanoid but at the cost of the blade looking more like a club.

Dis guyyyyy

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He looks very interesting. Nice job

Interesting, for sure.

Nah, I love this. Maybe it’s because I love knives :wink:

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His knife form is great but his normal form looks like a polybag good guy set.

So what you’re telling me is is a man, but also a knife?


The knife form looks better.
Though the humanoid form might need some reworking.

Your reference to Metalocalypse is pretty brutal! \m/
I actually really like this moc. It’s a guy that turns into a knife! How much cooler can it get?

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