Imperial Defoliator

Long ago in a galaxy far far away, The Star Wars Saga began and Factions continues the excitement! The NEW Imperial Defoliator Walker and Army Troopers! Burn obstacles with the powerful flamethrower! Then Send in the Storm Troopers to mop up what’s left! You can collect Star Wars toys and join factions! Figures and vehicles each sold separately. Batteries not included. In stores now!

A Holdover from the early days of the Empire, The Reinforced Defoliation Unit is good for one thing and one thing alone: Burning things. The inconspicuous name of the walker harkens back to a time where the whims of the Imperial Senate still mattered, and an Anti Infantry Heavy Duty Incinerator would be a whole lot harder to get signed off on.

On Castell, Defoliators are used to clear out acers of forest in the name of Imperial Industrialization.


I could see this in Legends!


Is this based on any actual Star Wars vehicle, or is it a custom design?


I mean, there’s a lot of at-st in there