Imperial War Script

By Mistika Fan and his friends you probably won’t know

Scene 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away


Imperial War

It is a time of civil war, after the battle of Hoth the Rebel Alliance have decided to hide bases all across the Galaxy in an attempt to hide from The Empire

But The Empire are always watching, Darth Vader has sent one of his best Commanders to hunt the last surviving Rebels

Now Commander Nero has caught onto an X-Wing he is determined not to let it leave

(A high speed chase between the X-Wing and a tie interceptor plays)

Grey 6: General, come in General, I am being chased

Rebel General: We have caught nothing Grey 6, arrive as ordered

Grey 6: Roger that

(the X-wing lands and the pilot exits, the tie interceptor flies over the rebel base)

Rebel General: Shoot it down

(a land tank gunner shoots down the tie)

Rebel General: That’s the last we’ll see of them

(Suddenly three imperial star destroyers appear out of hyperspace laying over the Rebel base)

Imperial Admaril: Excellent, Commander Nero, we’ve found them

(Hundreds of tie fighters swarm over the base, destroying all in sight)

Commander Nero: That’s enough, deploy troops

(50 troop transports land dropping stormtroopers everywhere)

Rebel Trooper 1: Bucketheads, everywhere

(the rebel runs out with a few others, they die instantly)

Rebel Commander: General we are recieving heavy fire, we must evacuate

Rebel General: And surrender to their power? Never! I’m a rebel and I fight to the end

Rebel Commander: Then you are foolish, all men board the U-Wings, now!

Rebel General: They never hire real warriors!

(The rebel commander rolls his eyes, stuns, picks up and carries the Rebel general to a U-Wing, but it is shot down by an AT-ST, more tie fighters come in and destroy the base, the base is burning and a figure climbs out of the still standing AT-ST, Commander Nero!)

Stormtrooper Officer: Sir, we have searched most of the base

Commander Nero: Then Recallibrate your troops to the lower hangar

Stormtrooper Officer: Sir we-

Commander Nero: Did I make myself clear?!

Stormtrooper Officer: Sir yes sir

(the stormtrooper officer comes back)

Stormtrooper Officer: Sir we’ve found a Rebel Trooper

Commander Nero: Bring him to my shuttle, he may know the location of the other Rebel Bases

Scene 2

(On board a star destroyer prison room)

Stormtrooper: The Prisoner is awake

(Commander Nero enters the doors)

Asajki: What do you want?!

Commander Nero: A favour

Asajki: Why should I help you?

Commander Nero: You know, I don’t actually have a rule of asking twice, do you know why?

Asajki: Why?

Commander Nero: Because I can ask as many times as I like because I know I will eventually get the anwer I want

(Nero presses a button and Asajki is electrocuted, he screams in pain)

Commander Nero: It just takes time, willing now?

Asajki: No!

(Commander Nero does it for a while)

Commander Nero: No? Okay, let’s do another way, I ask three questions and you get to ask me one, seem fair

Asajki: No

Commander Nero: Okay back to the electricity then

AsajkI: No please, I’ll answer

Commander Nero, alright me first, why did you join the rebellion?

Asajki: It felt right, why did you join the empire

Commander Nero: I was born in one of the outskirt villages, in a planet ruled by the seperatists I was saved by the republic from those terrorist seperatists, the way I see it, Rebels, Seperatists, what’s the difference

Asajki: The rebellion want peace

Commander Nero: Peace through war?

Asajki: No thats not it, thats a question anyway

Commander Nero: alright my last question: where are the other rebels?

Asajki: I can’t I

Commander Nero: You’ll be doing the right thing, I’ll let you live and you won’t be brandished a terrorist

Asajki: I heard they were going to the outer rim

Commander Nero: You know I need something more specific, right?


I’m pretty sure there weren’t human settlements on geonosis. And the outer rim is fairly large. It would be like telling a cop that someone they were looking for was in canada.

hmm, you are right

By Mata Nui this is trash (and breaks a couple of board rules)

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