**IMPORTANT** RPGs Updates!


##Item Number 1

Currently, the RPGs board is set to automatically reset on October 4th, essentially doing what I did manually back in July. This will close all currently running RPG topics.

However, I realize that this is less than Ideal, so I’d like to put it to a vote:

Option A: The Reset proceeds as planned, everyone is allowed to remake/reset their RPGs as they wish. Remember that the intention of this was to make it simple for new players to join into RPGs, as joining an RP with 6-10k posts is incredibly daunting.

Option B: The reset occurs going forward only after an RPG topic reaches 5k posts, at which point any RPG will be given a 1 month countdown to when the topic will be automatically locked, allowing the GM to wrap up plotlines and continue on in a new topic (This could, obviously, be negotiated as well)

Option C: I’m sure a few of you were hoping option c would be to abolish the reset but that, as it stands right now, isn’t going to happen. However, I could be convinced to extend the timer for another couple of months if, and only if, the GM’s feel that not enough time has been alloted to play out their games.

As an Aside, you’ll notice games that were started recently do not have the timer warning. The way I see it, if you’re under 1k posts in your RPG, it’s either brand new and can be reset in the next wave, or it’s dead.

##Item Number 2

The second Item on the docket is one I’ve been considering for a while now. It’s a holdover from my Days on BZPower - RPG Contests.

Now back then, only the three RPGs voted on by the community would be allowed to have posted topics and be played - and while I think the system tended to lead to more fulfilling, if restrictive games, That’s not what I intend here.

If there is support for it, I am thinking we do a vote either each month or each cycle. The winner of this vote would have their RPG pinned to the top of the board for the rest of the month/cycle. What this means is more visibility, easier access, and hopefully more players - since by that point you should have a solid player base who voted for you.

It’s an idea, and I’m all ears for variations on this. The alternative would be to have a vote of the best/most promising/interesting RPG at the time to be pinned for a bit, but in that case there would be caveats (just to ensure that the Transformers RPGs don’t win every single time)(Sorry not Sorry Maximus)

Let me know what you all think here. And while I’m at it, I want to point out that you may have noticed a slight uptick in the presence of Moderation here. We’ve been receiving more and more flags - which is good, and I appreciate the help from you playing, but I’d also like to take this time to ask that you all reread the rules of the Board. I gave a plenty long grace period during which you could all grow accustomed to the new rules and systems - If you aren’t following them by now, You’ll probably be hearing from us soon.

Thanks guys! And once again, give me any feedback you have!

Enjoy your Games,


I vote for option A, And this: [quote=“Kini_Hawkeye, post:1, topic:46338”]
The winner of this vote would have their RPG pinned to the top of the board for the rest of the month/cycle. What this means is more visibility, easier access, and hopefully more players - since by that point you should have a solid player base who voted for you.

-sounds like a neat idea.

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I vote C.

I think A is the best option so I’m voting that

I vote B

Edit: Top 10 loneliest anime moments

I vote for A.

I’d definitely vote A for this cycle going on right now, but at the same time I think I’d rather have B in the long-run.

Also, the voting/pinning idea sounds like it’d be pretty neat.

I vote A, however I do find the concept of B to be quite interesting, seeing as it would make a more episodic formula for stories. Which I happen to be a fan of episodic stories. C is one of the more functional ideas, based on face value and would (seem to) encourage stories to be finished rather than be dropped.

This is what I am seeing from looking at considering each option. I personally vote for A, however I do find B to be appealing.

On Item 2 is varying levels of slight confusion and intrigue. The idea of voting for RPs to be pinned would definitely make it easier for a user to see the popular Rps, making it almost like a recommendation of what RP to join. In hindsight I may be completely wrong, but I’m going to write/voice my fears/opinions on this idea.

First off, I do like the face value of this concept. It sounds like a great idea, that would work nearly flawless. However, no system is without its flaws. I feel as if the system might push down new Rps that might try to start up after the voting has already commenced, therefore they wouldn’t be able to be included in that vote. This could potentially downplay those RPs and might detract interest from them. My hypothetical solution is to make a “Role Playing Suggestion Topic” or something like it, where some could ask for suggestions or recommendations for joining a new RP, however I would limit so the GM could not recommend their own RP, because that would be advertising and some users aren’t Masters (or Trust Level 3, this does include myself, seeing as I am currently Trust Level 2). Though I would discourage suggesting your own RP anyways. sadly my hypothetical solution can only go so far with the hypothetical issues the Item Number 2 could possibly bring.

This hypothetical issues and solutions would most likely apply to most, if not all variations.

Again, I will say this. I am interested on seeing how Item Number 2 plays out, I could be completely wrong in my assessment on the situation. In fact this is only my concerns/fears/opinions of the matter and should be treated as such. I do find the idea to be enticing, however I am concerned that it could bring issues with it, that might be difficult to deal with, though I would not say impossible to deal with as I am sure that there would be a solution for the issues that might pop up.

I’ve said enough, i do like all the ideas so far. Again I would vote with A, merely because in a sense it is a newer system and it might be a bit early to switch it out or change it. B does sound lie fun to me, seeing as I enjoy completing stories, even if it does leave off with a cliffhanger. I usually like episodic stories and find them appealing. C seems like the most functional option of the three, though purely from a surface level and from a Gm’s perspective. I could see it become cumbersome, depending on how many Gm’s there are at once, however at this point I don’t consider it to be a major hypothetical issue.

Well, I hope for the best and am excited for the future of the RP topics.

was there supposed to be a poll attached?

Imo A is a good option to filter out dead RPs and help rejuvenate them for reboots more easily as each reset is kinda like a ‘season’ of RPs and such.

But B is kinda a lot better for RPs with smaller groups of people though you could argue that A would make it easier for people to get into them.

I’m sticking with A as my vote but I’m kinda spilt.

I vote A.


This is a great idea.

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I vote B

I vote for A as well…

So dotga will reset?

I’m curious how that’s gonna work out.

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I vote A. My only complain at the present system is that it would always say ‘The rp will be automatically closed in one month’. You should change that so the message would be more exact. It should either say the date of the closing, or the number of days till the closing if two months were passed.
I am saying this because I don’t want to wake up one day and see ‘The rp will be automatically closed tomorrow’ this would panic me. I want to know the exact number of days until the closing.


Option B, please

Imo an RP Suggestion topic seems kinda unneeded. It seems kinda redundant

also the adverts rule only applies to advert topics for YouTube channels and stuff

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That’s a symptom of the hosting service we use, there is nothing I can do about that.

However, as the last reset occurred on the 4th, so too will this one, and all future ones.

Bear in mind too, that I have stated that the auto closing can be reversed if a GM needs another day or two to wrap up a story line. Frankly I’m shocked Discourse lets you see that because I was expecting that it wouldn’t. Realistically there is no difference between us staff coming in one day and closing everything and the Board doing it itself. It can be reversed.

As for the idea of a RPG suggestions topic… No.

There aren’t enough games on this site being run concurrently to make that worth it.


so I started a new RPG…
like literally this morning.
would that get restarted as well?

Nope, I’d add the countdown to it when I reset everything else thereby giving you basically four months.

Ok, thanks.