In-Depth Bomonga Character [G3 PITCH]

Physical Characteristics
Bomonga is an older Tiroan, scruffy in appearance and sour in spirit. His hands are calloused and his body painted with the scrapes and scars of a working man; these signs are not undue, for Bomonga has spent his life in Tiro’s ‘ditches’, plying his trades wherever they were needed. Skilled with any tool and any weapon, Bomonga is, by all accounts, a dangerous adversary.
Early life
Bomonga’s life has not been easy. Growing up in the big city, he was passed over time and time again for admission into academic facilities, and as a result he joined a private security company employed by Tiro to monitor the university campus. He would look through the windows into the vast libraries and classrooms, wishing he could go inside.
Incident with the Dark Hunters
One day, a few years ago, Bomonga encountered a Motaran merchant on the run from Hunters. He housed the merchant in return for widgets. A Dark Hunter named Hakann witnessed the exchange. He and another, a Tiroan brute named Reidak, attacked the duo and demolished Bomonga’s house, and after Bomonga and the Motaran escaped, (and permanently parted ways), a bounty was placed on Bomonga’s head by Ahkmou, the Merchant King who had originally sanctioned the hit, and the Dark Hunters entered him on their ‘to kill’ list.
Aware that the Dark Hunters had eyes in Tiro’s grand cities, he set up a house for himself in the wilderness. There, he farmed the land and planted fruits and vegetables, and lived in abundance. Ironically, despite his plentiful compound, he still was plagued by jealousy, for the life he believed he deserved was stolen from him, first by his academic peers, and then by the Dark Hunters. Unfortunately for Bomonga, he was found once more by Hakann and another Dark Hunter, The Conjurer. Bomonga killed The Conjurer, but Hakann burned down his house once again and Bomonga was forced to relocate. Now with the weight of a far more severe crime against the Hunters upon him, he travelled into Mangai in order to attain armour and weapons to protect himself. With no money to spend, he attempted to steal from an armoury, but was captured by guards and brought to the Turaga of the region, Norik. Behind closed doors, Norik offered Bomonga a place in his new organization.
Bomonga joined the Brotherhood both to get back at his intellectual superiors as well as for protection from the Dark Hunters. He also enjoys the idea that the Tiroan historians are wrong about Makuta, and so he fully engages in Brotherhood dogma.
Bomonga is strong, confident, and capable. However, his confidence often turns to arrogance, and because of this, he has a penchant for getting in over his head. He has a deep-seated resentment of Tiroan scholars and culture, for he blames them for robbing him of his academic future. Unfortunately, his arrogance blinds him to the truth of the matter: he simply is not as smart as he thinks. His anger quickly enmeshed the Dark Hunters after they disturbed his peaceful life in the wild, and because of this incident, he has come to believe some ethereal force of the world is against him. At heart, Bomonga is vindictive, jealous, and deluded.
The Cultist
Norik has found great use for Bomonga in the Brotherhood. His strength is greater than even other Tiroans, and his survival skills have enabled the Brotherhood to enact covert missions throughout Artahka’s wilderness unaided. Bomonga was one of the last to join the Brotherhood, and it was in part the Brotherhood’s legitimacy that caused him to associate himself with them: they provided much-needed protection from the Dark Hunters. Additionally, Norik validated Bomonga’s arrogance and disdain for Tiroan Scholars all at once, for his new propositions regarding the nature of the Great Being’s relationship, had they been true, contradicted the theories of the Tiroans. What’s more, by going through with Norik’s plan, Bomonga would be able to physically strike back at the Tiroans, whom he viewed as arrogant, presumptuous villains conspiring against him. Thus, through his brute strength, combative abilities, and vitriolic adherence to Brotherhood doctrine, he rose quickly through their hierarchy, becoming one of Norik’s top disciples.
Bomonga has never starved by measure of sustenance, but every day, everywhere he looks, Bomonga can only see how life has robbed him. A chronic complainer, Bomonga’s life has consisted of numerous failures and mishaps that have drawn out a cynical, crotchety persona. Thus, it is only fitting that Bomonga becomes the Rahkshi of Hunger, for everyday, he hungers for what others have.

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