"In Karzahni, _"

In Karzahni, I hate reviving topics.

In Karzahni, April 1st is the one day of the year that everyone is super serious.


In Karzahni, posts are automatically flagged after 24 hours unless deleted


In Karzahni, Ghid doesn’t waste his whole day reading a webcomic he already read

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In Karzahni, there is no such thing as “real” meat.

In Karzahni, Monopoly hates ponies and Heyzorks loves 'em.

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In Karzahni, the shiny man exists on every day except April 1st.

In Karzahni, I am not.

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in karahni dunetoa speaks like yoda apparently

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In karzanhi people play “in Artakha” on the TTV message planks

In karzanhi maybe ghid can spell


in kars 2 heyzorks is this guy

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Save us…

In Karzahni, the government is trying to make us build back better…

In Karzahni, every post likes Rukah.

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In Karzahni, I don’t like any posts.

In Karzahni, arsenic is good for you to consume.

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In Karzahni, the fish have me for a pet.

Wait I’m scared now, I have an axolotl…

In karzahni I don’t need a sharpie to play uno at a freinds house