Inatak and Hunatax, the mask hounds

Wanted to make some hunting dogs for Umarak, the shadow traps are really great parts

Inatax is the white one with horns curved forwards and Hunatax is the black one with bull like horns


Very cool.


These are great.

Cool cool

The kind of demon hounds he needs.

Love these guys, can I give them a dog biscuit?

Reminds me of the warp hounds from Metroid Prime 3

pretty cool.


Yes, though they prefer masks

Do they like this better?


Okay why the heck didn't we got something like these instead of just having those traps. Anyways they are pretty nice looking and I love the head of using those trap pieces.

There great builds, I just wish that they had more individuality between them.

This is a very creative idea, and a nice use of the shadow trap pieces.

I like these guys!

Oh Umarak, what did he do to you...well, I mean, your antlers aren't bad, but,...

Interesting builds. V. cool

I found it difficult to use the bear trap for a mouth, finally managed it. how did that go with you

So which one is the keymaster?

I love these guys. Good work.

Of course they do.

These are really nice MOCs. The builds work really well, especially with those shadow trap heads.

A little bit of cheating, the top trap half isn't connected directly to the body but it's sorta friction held in.

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