Inchyra, Toa of Fire (AKA Filthy-Breaker-Of-Canon-Gender-Rules)

Are you ready for an other Kaukau wearing, Nuva boob sporting female Toa? Of course you are, you're a Bionicle MOC fan. Anyway, in no particular picture order. here is Inchyra (In-Kira)

I like to still to the Canon like hair to a static balloon, so this character is sort of a confusing one for me. I really like the design and the idea, but it just doesn't fit in my view of the Bionicle world. Eh, I'll find an excuse eventually.

Those parts might look like they've been cut and sanded. That's because they have been. However, i do that to those leg piston stick things because i don't have enough of the shorter variant. You might also notice that the shoulder ball joints are actually just ball joints and peg that got snapped off of a Bohroks leg while in my box of parts.

edit: Fixed all the bloody formatting.


Which ones?

Sorry, the formatting was all messed up and the picture didn't show. Its fixed now.


Lol, freaking nuva armor... anyways, the moc looks pretty cool. The inclusion of blue is pretty interesting and I like what you did with the fire sword.

Also you might want to fix the pictures. Some of them are not appearing.


Nice! The nuva breasts actually look pretty good here.

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That joke would go better on Biotube than here, most of the people here are sick of this at this point.
Anyway it's about as good as most of the MOCs in the stereotype you mentioned. Colors don't work, the waist is blocky, and I wouldn't mind the nuvaboobs so much if they actually fit the styling of the MOC.


The colors are a little weird but the flow of this moc is really good, the nuva pieces actually work pretty well. I'd say try to even the blues and maybe make the waist less blocky so the flow continues through the whole moc. Good job dude!


I'd say that I didn't like it but that would imply that there's something coherent about it that has a flaw


Out of stupid curiosity: What feet did you use?

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The build looks really solid, but the two different shades of blue don't really work, for me at least.
The Mata blue looks better with the red in my opinion.

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The Nuva Armor flows really well with that Takadox piece--it looks very organic, kinda like the Miramax movies. I love how the simple change you made to the Tahu sword adds like 500+ levels of awesomeness to it, and I like the red-blue color scheme. Also, yay for waist articulation!

All in all, a very nice MOC!

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Looks kool

Looks alright.

Don't worry about the story, though.

This is the world of MOCing, the slaughterhouse of canon.


In regards to the blue, it was originally just supposed to be the glowing pieces and nothing else. However i couldn't find both of my red Metru shoulders so i had to improvise.

@Nyran Mata red Mata feet. The pictures that show the feet seem to have been formatted wrong.

@Boohee Now thats just harsh.

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I had to edit your post for you, sir. Just so you know, Double Posting is against the rules.

So please, refrain from doing so again.

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Color scheme is solid, build looks clean and provides for good articulation (waist articulation is always a good thing), the weapon is simple, clean, and pretty, and it's definitely a female MOC but isn't annoyingly overdone. I personally am a huge fan of the baggy pants look, but that's subjective.

The MOC is so good I have to really nitpick here to give constructive criticism. Admittedly neither red nor blue pins really break up the color scheme here, but the metru blue shoulders do, though it isn't the color I have an issue with so much as the fact that it's the only place it appears. Also, the mata red is almost too prominent. I understand it's the main color, but some accents of yellow, black, or something else would really help to make the very red legs and body look nicer. That's truly nitpicking, but I'm sure you, like most MOCers, are always trying to improve your designs, and I'd feel bad if I didn't say at least something in terms of criticism.

It isn't super clear, but the lower legs are Metru Blue, as are some parts of the upper thigh and sort of the mask. Again, its really not clear in most pictures, but i think the sixth one shows it best.

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Ah, I see it now. Maybe if one more armor piece on the outside was metru blue it'd be less noticeable. I think a tiny bit of metru blue on the chest could help break up all the red, but once again, that's really a nitpick, as it already looks very clean and solid.

I'm not a fan of this MOC, not much here looks good to me.

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Try to be more specific about what you don't like, and if you can't don't say anything. He won't get better at MOCing with responses like that.

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