Infected Lewa vs. Onua

A sketch asked by @RaptorTalon for my Project Mata stuff. Enjoy and don't forget to like the project mata topic if you think that this looks cool!


dayum, lookin good. Now if only I wasn't buged by background. Also possible colors?


I am simply amazed by your artwork. You capture the biomechanical nature of Bionicle so perfectly.


I draw really dark so backgrounds I tend to stay away from (sorry) but color I do sometimes. I'd love to just draw and have someone color it to their unique style, I think that would be cool.

Please don't ask for likes.

yes, your stuff is awesome

you have a very distinct organic like style I love it


Only reason why I'd ask is for that picture, I said I'd do a comic if I got a certain amount. Normally I wouldn't but this would be an exception. I don't wanna sound like hungry or anything, it's to see if I'd waste my time doing an elaborate comic or if I should do it.

I'm simply saying that unless i'm mistaken asking for likes is not allowed.

oh but on the topic of the picture yeah its pretty good.

Well thanks and I'll keep that in mind next time.

Awesome! better then I hoped!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Gorgeous, though it'd be better to show Onua's arm extension from the specified point. I can't see where his Left arm extends from, or which arm connects to which shoulder.

Otherwise, this is great! I wish I could do this too!

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It looks good but Lewa doesn't look infected since he isn't wearing the krana

Actually, If you look closesly, Lewa's mask has little marks on it, which show infection.


It looks good, but Lewa doesn't look infected, since he isn't wearing a Krana.

Punctuation and capitalization, sir? Let me fetch my Grammar Gun.

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This is when he was infected my Makuta controlled rahi from MNOG, it was a whole fighting cutscene.

I was typing in a hurry. Is this better?

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Much better. GJ m8.

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Preety cool, but the left lewa hand (one with mata hand) looks too short due to wierd perspective.

Also I suppose adding slight pencil background (I think you know what I mean).

Overall drawing is realy cool and has unique styling of the toa (as per usual)

I can only guess how Tohungatoran would look like wink


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They will look beautiful wink, but there's no background because it was just a sketch.

you know, something about lewa's thighs just looks wrong to me. I know he's supposed to be the nimble acrobat, but the muscle only look makes them feel disconnected from the rest of his design.

maybe adding the same armor rings that his arms have would fix it, of course, you don't have to change it.