"Infector" starfighter + Mech Monday update

I am sorry for not uploading last week, I wanted to focus on and only on my Ninjago rebrick entry. I am working on a mech now, however it is going to be quite large and I am only working on it little by little so it will take a while to complete. Anyways, because I have nothing completed and since finals are coming up I will be devoting more time to my studies rather than building, Mech Monday is being sunseted. I plan for it to return early in August, as that will give me enough time to build and it will be the time where I will be able to upload on a weekly basis. For the mechs that I am going to revamp, Whyplash and Hurricane, those will come around when Mech Monday returns.

In short; Mech Monday will return in August.

I did modify the thighs of Devastator, which was the part people wanted to see changed:

This Starfighter got me out of builder’s bloc a few months back and I am happy with it overall:

I like looking through this window because it gives you a bit of a pilot’s view:

Hope you enjoyed, and thank you to everyone who has checked out Mech Monday over the last 8 weeks!

Week 1: Devastator
Week 2: B-12 Scavenger
Week 3: Hurricane
Week 4: Whyplash
Week 5: N.T.T.


That said, Devestator looks good, and the Straighter is really fun to see.

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What a shame…

I really liked seeing mechs other than mine on a regular basis.

The starship is pretty cool, especially the pilot view thing.

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Whoa dude, this looks pretty cool! That mech is awesome, and the starfighter is too!

Where did you get that lime green ring on the starship?

Do not double post. - Eljay

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That starfighter is kind if giving off a Mars mission sort of vibe

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@DannyBoyy and @Omega_Tahu sorry it won’t be for a while, but if it were to start up again in June, uploading the MOCs to the boards would be sporadic, and I would like to do it at a time where I can have a consistent uploading schedule.

@Aureum I got those pieces in Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown, not sure if they have appeared in lime since. (BTW I didn’t double post, just showing a small update)


These are great builds.

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