Inferno-Elite Of Fire

Inferno is one of the members of the Elite Gen, meaning he is one of the best warriors of his element, just behind the Guardians. And he’s one of my so called Toa team, if you will

I did say before, back when I started Mocing, I wanted to make a haft beast, haft human Toa team (but drop it) but with Inferno for some reason I wanted to keep him as he was, so I made a story about how he became this

I think one of the reason why I wanted to keep the beast parts was the snake tail, I just really like how it look on him

and partly the spikes as well

the custom beast feet are a idea I wanted to try out, and they do look good, but they do make him a little bit unbalance

before Inferno got his spike, and was part of the Elite Gen, he was on Solar, Fire Strom team

Now Inferno blade is not made out of metal but out of bone, he got the bone form a beast he killed, and has his weapon with him at all time, to be a reminder for what happen when the beast was killed

Well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


amazing MOC , really like the snake tail that is a great addition, also the build is very nice and solid, especially the costum feet those look great.

I do feel that the shoulders stick out a little too far from the torso. but besides that small little thing, you did a really good job, Great work :smile:

Interesting use of those tubes going into the Nuva armor piece

cool snake tail :smile:

No complaints here.

@OraNui Look. Someone else absorbed Orochimaru.


Very nice job, I like the whole snake tail and the design of the feet.

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It’s a quite nicely done beastly vibe.

that tail is pretty awesome.

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He has a head
on his tail

That’s like,uber spook

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Awesome MOC, but the Mata red on the feet area looks a bit weird, but doesn’t really detract from the overall look.

I can imagine the tail being an insufferable jerk :stuck_out_tongue:

I got to admit it looks great.
Really like the tail.

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Nice, the snake tale is cool, and the armor is great!

All around great MOC. I love it.

I like the moc but i think it needs a team. Like a full on evil team. This almost looks like a part of my friend army of demons. Nice job




FOOL!!! Pain is my friend. Allow me to introduce you to it” Props to whoever gets that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great moc. I love the tail.